(Review) 想いが歴史に変わる時/自由の翼 || 幽閉サテライト

Good evening! It’s Maiko! (。・ω・)ノ゙

You wouldn’t believe what happened today. A suspicious package with my name on it arrived… and when I opened it, there was Yuuhei’s 想いが歴史に変わる時, 自由の翼 and Akatsuki’s 世界の選択 -Freedom Paradise- in it! Which mysterious power has send me these gifts, I wonder? Alright, fun aside. The package was sent by my dear friend Violet who was crazy enough to buy these albums for me as present although I don’t even deserve such kindness. I always feel really bad when people spend money on me, so it was the same this time (I probably shouldn’t try to guess what only the shipping costed) but I’m still really really really happy to be holding these gems in my hands. I’d really like to give it back to my wonderful friend somehow, but I’m hopeless at coming up with ideas and I’m bad at making other people happy. All I can do is being there and making them worry or annoy them all the time and I’m probably stressing out many people. But someday I’ll be able to give you back everything you gave me with all my heart. So wait just a little bit longer, alright?

Okay, enough of the introduction, let’s start with the album review!

It’s not my first physical copy of a Yuuhei album. I already have 夜桜に君を隠して and 最果てのコトバ, so I already knew what awaits me. A pretty cover illustration in a well printed resolution, which is also printed onto the CD itself. They used the more expensive CD covers (which are 100% transparent) and everything in total seems high quality. I was a little bit disappointed by the Melonbooks exclusive (自由の翼) though. They recycled the cover illustration, the CD print is normal quality and the very slim CD covers already broke apart twice. I know it’s only a special for Melonbooks customers and it wasn’t officially announced, but…


Yuuhei’s booklets are normally very plain. Clear structure, white (sometimes colored) background, black letters. They only contain song information and lyrics, but we don’t buy their albums for pretty booklets, do we?

This time, the background has a light orange color and white letters which I think of as very pleasant. The quality of the booklet is good too, nicely printed on strong paper. And I like it’s smell… (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 (I’m not a creep ok) The extra CD only has a lyric sheet, but I didn’t expect more anyway. It has the same quality as the booklet.


Let’s move on to the songs!

I was a bit surprised that there was no remix this time. They always had a remix at the end of their albums/singles… but if you consider that 3/6 songs were released before as samples, and 1/6 was released the event before as a preview… I can kind of understand why adding a remix would disappoint some people. Long story short, only 想いが歴史に変わる時 and DICE are new.

Mai’s expression when first listening the XFD: (*´・v・)…

Mai’s expression when listening the whole songs: (❀・‿・)………

Mai’s expression when she could suddenly relate to the songs: ヽ( ★ω★)ノ*:・゚✧!!

To put it shortly, I disliked it at first and was disappointed A LOT. But then somehow… I loved it (´・ω・`) I’m strange, I know.

01. 想いが歴史に変わる時

Very repetitive. There’s no real climax either. It’s good, but too much Iceon (?) Hard to explain, but I don’t like much Iceon arranged. 最果てのコトバ remains the best song he produced in his whole life.

02. DICE

(I’ll repost the translation tomorrow.)

I don’t think too much of the arrange, it’s pretty okay. At least it has some variety in it. I like how senya’s vocals were edited in here, they sound so… strong! I really like the lyrics because I could relate to them a lot at the time of the release.

03. 選ばれし者

I simply love HiZuMi’s arranges. This was my favourite song of the album since the XFD came out. I’m bad at explaining, but it has variety, it has power, it’s just… good! Why I didn’t translate it, then? I’m too dumb to understand the lyrics!

04. パラノイアの海

That one’s chill. Very dark and depressing lyrics. I don’t really have an opinion onto this one…

05. マウストゥマウス

(I’ll be reposting the translation on Sunday.)

I first didn’t like it, but now I totally love it. The lyrics also are something special – this time they are about the asshole who doesn’t love the other one back, not the other way around! I searched for a song like this FOREVER. It’s short, but if it’d be longer, it wouldn’t be as good as it is. I’m content with this one.

06. 温度差

(I’ll be reposting the translation on Monday.)

Second favourite of the album! I could also relate to these lyrics a lot when the song was released, even more than to DICE. First I was a bit “meh” about all the autotune and effects, but it gives the song a special touch which I really like. でいたらぼっち produces some high quality songs and none of his songs sound similair. That’s what I like about his arranges.

01. 自由の翼

…this really is repetitive. I listened to the instrumental and they are nearly the same throughout the whole thing. Some parts are quieter sometimes. The melody changes at the refrain. Then it goes back to normal. I’m a bit disappointed, I awaited more of a super special secret song that wasn’t even announced like 感染経路. Maybe they thought “People will be curious about this special song if we don’t post a sample and will buy the album on Melonbooks so they know how it sounds like!” Well, it worked…

All in all, I really like their release. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s nor my favourite album of them. Lately their arranges have become less special, but they still have their own style and are on a different level than other artists. They still have the same constellation they had since they were born, the same members, the same concept. Yuuhei are a special circle, and I like them a lot because they go their own way. And only because of them I got into doujin music for real (when I noticed senya is our beloved Mayumi Morinaga). I’ll be looking forward to their next release!



  1. I know the feeling when you hold a physical CD of your favorite circle(s) in your hand \o/ (as you’ve already said, they’re truly gems.) It’s always another pleasure to experience it once again 😀
    Don’t know if you’ve already considered to go to Comiket/Reitaisai/Kouroumu/whatsoever event someday, but this really would be paradise and worth all the money 😉
    (although you have to line up at least 45minutes at Yuuhei’s booth)


    1. I really wanna go to an event someday, but it’ll take a few more years since neither me nor my family have much money. I’ll be working hard for getting a scholarship for a Japanese university though, so maybe someday I’ll have the opportunity to.

      Liked by 1 person

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