(Translation) 想像理想郷 || C-CLAYS

想像理想郷 [Utopia of Imaginations]
original: 少女秘封倶楽部
arrangement: あとぐる (舞音@Groove)
lyrics: 小峠 舞 (舞音@Groove)
vocals: 小峠 舞
album: 憐華 -Renka-
circle: C-CLAYS

I fell in love with this song after the first few seconds and it was clear for me that I want to translate it. I hope you like the song as much as I do! Of course it’s about our beloved Hifuu girls. Although I have the feeling it’s just about Renko. Well, I don’t know any details about their story. I just like Renko more.

I hope you’re ready for more C-CLAYS from now on?

子供の頃 何度も読み返した
絵本の中の話 おとぎの世界

kodomo no koro nandomo yomikaeshita
ehon no naka no hanashi otogi no sekai
hito mo kami mo aku mo seigi mo nakute
subete ga pafekuto de mitasarete ita

When I was a child I reread the story of a picture book
about a mysterious world countless times.
In a world with neither humans, God, Devil, nor justice,
everything was filled with perfection.


sore wa daremo ga yume mita risoukyou de
[moshimo] ga aru nara sagashite mitai yo

That was the Utopia everyone dreamed of.
If there is a “what if…’’ I want to find it.


nazomeku fantaji
muchuu ni natte mata mayoikonda
miushinawanai wa
mahou ni kakaru mae ni tashikameyou
hajimari wa itsumo
totsuzen yatte kite wa satte iku
shiritai shirenai
hikitsukete madowashite miwaku no rabirinsu

An enigmatic fantasy –
Addicted to it, I wandered around again.
So I don’t lose sight of myself
I want to confirm it’s existence before casting magic.
The beginning
is always abrupt, so it passes me by.
I want to know it, but I can’t.
Drawn in and perplexed by this bewitching labyrinth.

変わらず存在する おとぎの世界
憧れの世界の先 見つからないまま

sugita hibi to otona ni natta kokoro ni
kawarazu sonzai suru otogi no sekai
sora wa aoku kumo wa nagarete iru no?
akogare no sekai no saki mitsukaranai mama

This mysterious world continued existing without changing
while the days passed by and my mind matured.
Is the sky blue and are the clouds flowing by?
Even right before the world I desired, I can’t see it.


soko wa daremo ga egaita souzoukyou de
[moshimo] ga aru nara tsuzuki o kikasete

Over there is the imaginary town everyone imagined.
If there’s a “what if…’’ let me hear the sequel.

千切れた糸も ほら 手繰り寄せて
見つけてみせるわ 秘密の呪文で覗き込むのよ
終わらないでいて どこまでも追いかけていたいから
知りたい知れない 惹きつけて惑わして魅惑のラビリンス

mikan no sutori
chigireta ito mo hora teguriyosete
mitsukete miseru wa himitsu no jumon de nozokikomu no yo
owaranai de ite dokomademo oikakete itai kara
shiritai shirenai hikitsukete madowashite miwaku no rabirinsu

An unfinished story –
Hurry up and haul in the torn off strings!
I finally found it – taking a glimpse with this secret magic spell.
Please don’t be over yet – I want to chase you as far as I can!
I want to know it, but I can’t while I’m drawn in and perplexed by this bewitching labyrinth.

絶対魔法で虜にさせる 想像理想郷
未完のストーリー 足りないパズルをハメ解き明かせ
知りたい知れない 惹きつけて惑わせる魅惑のラビリンス

nazomeku fantaji
zettai mahou de toriko ni saseru souzou risoukyou
gensou ni kakureta michi no sekai
mikan no sutori tarinai pazuru o hame tokiakase
shiritai shirenai hikitsukete madowaseru miwaku no rabirinsu

An enigmatic fantasy –
I’ll definitely become a slave of this magic. My Utopia of Imaginations –
an unknown world hidden by illusions.
An unfinished story – solving this stupid puzzle after all.
I want to know it, but I can’t while I’m drawn in and perplexed by this bewitching labyrinth.



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