(Request) Final 24 || Halozy

Requested by Eiki.

What would you wish for if the world ends tomorrow? This song is surprisingly… dark…
My last wish can be perfectly quoted with the first two lines of Utada Hikaru’s Beautiful World:

“If my wishes could be fulfilled one by one, I’d want to fall asleep by your side, no matter where we are.”

Final 24
original: メイガスナイト
arragement: VALLEYSTONE
lyrics: sumijun
vocals: 水瀬ましろ
album: 864
circle: Halozy

燃える太陽の下で 泥だらけになりながら
少年は夢を語る 世界の終わりを知らずに

moeru taiyou no shita de doro darake ni narinagara
shounen wa yume o kataru sekai no owari o shirazu ni

A boy speaks of his dreams under the burning sun
while he’s being filled with mudd, unaware of the world’s end.

嗚呼 このまま時間が止まれば良いなんて
それがキミの 最後の叶えたい夢なの?
When the world die 自分の夢に気づいた
24 時間 最後の夢を叶えて

aa kono mama jikan ga tomareba ii nante
sore ga kimi no saigo no kanaetai yume na no?
When the world die jibun no yume ni kizuita
24 jikan saigo no yume o kanaete

“Ah, if just the time stopped right here…”
Is this the last wish you want to be fulfilled?
You realized your dream when the world began to die,
so fulfill your last dream within 24 hours!

光る星空の下で キミは何を考える?
「何をやってもダメなんだ」 そんなことばっか言ってたね
この世界が終わるとき 星空を眺めた時
抱えきれないくらいの 有り余る愛に気づく

hikaru hoshizora no shita de kimi wa nani o kangaeru?
“nani o yatte mo dame nan da” sonna koto bakka itteta ne
kono sekai ga owaru toki hoshizora o nagameta toki
kakae kirenai kurai no ariamaru ai ni kizuku

What do you think about under the sparkling night sky?
You wouldn’t stop saying things like “even if I did something, it’s useless”.
When the world dies or when we gazed upon the night sky
we realized there’s so much love; so much, we can never grasp it.

嗚呼 どうして神様は残酷なの
嘘だらけの 世界も幸せに感じる
When the world die 死に待つすべての人へ
24 時間 最後の夢を叶えて

aa doushite kamisama wa zankoku na no
uso darake no sekai mo shiawase ni kanjiru
When the world die shi ni matsu subete no hito e
24 jikan saigo no yume o kanaete

Ah, why is God so cruel?
In a world crammed with lies you can also be happy.
To everyone who is awaiting death when the world dies:
Fulfill your last dreams within 24 hours!



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