A good evening everyone! I know it’s a bit late to do a review now, two weeks after receiving the CDs and Artbook, but I just didn’t have the motivation for this until now!

For the people who are too lazy to read everything, you can listen to me talking about it here.

It’s not difficult to realise Akatsuki Records are my favourite Touhou doujin circle, so it shouldn’t be surprising I’m yearning for owning everything they release as physical copy. And a wonderful friend of mine decided to make me a special christmas present and get me Warning (I’m too lazy to write the whole title all the time) and THE BEST and the artbook. It was event exclusive and limited to 1000 copies. I’m so fucking happy.

I will talk about the artbook first.


The artbook comes in a thin plastic back with the cover image of THE BEST on it. The covers of the artbook itself are made of slim carton which feels nice on your skin and has the usual shine on it. It has 38 pages with all PV illustrations up to 世界の選択-Freedom Paradise-, two illustrations for songs without a PV (OWEN 495 and カゲロウ) and the cover illustration of THE BEST. The pages with illustration are made of some thicker carton and feels different. (Idk how to describe it I’m bad at explaining ok)

I will NOT make scans of the artbook public. If you want some of the illustrations I can send them to you via e-mail if you politely ask me for it. The only condition is that you promise not to upload the scans anywhere. If an artist chooses not to make his/her works public, we should respect this decision. Harano has uploaded some of their illustrations on their Tumblr account, also with some other Touhou fanart! So please check out their Tumblr if you want to look at public illustrations. Thank you!




Akatsuki Records THE BEST


In this category I will rate how much I like each song and which songs I would’ve chosen.

THE SHOW (7/10)

This certainly is Akatsuki’s most released song next to ENDLESS FANTASY. It has been released on THE SHOW and THE BEST, 二人の結晶-INNOCENCE- featured an English version of it. The English was horrible, but I’ll forgive Stack because she’s my hero. I’m not quite sure if the vocals have been re-recorded for this feature, but there is a sliiiiiight difference audible. Maybe I’m just imagining things. I don’t know. I give this song only 7/10 points, because I think there are better songs than this. I love the power in Stack’s voice and the lyrics are not that difficultly written for once, but it just doesn’t stick in my mind. It simply is an Akatsuki classic.

LOVERS (6/10)

I don’t like it that much. It was the first time ACTRock arranged a song in… this way (I don’t even know which genre this is) and there followed a lot of similair ones. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Hartman’s Youkai Girl that much, but it’s not really a “BEST” for me.

崩壊のアンフェール (8/10)

It has been re-mastered for this feature. Call me a fag, but I hear the difference between this and the original release (otl) I fell in love with this song after hearing it for the first time although I’m not a fan of Cosmic Mind arranges. I guess the story and the vocals are what got me to like it. I would have chosen this one to be on a best of album as well. It still isn’t a masterpiece though.


I can’t get enough of Stack’s powerful voice. This woman is beautiful. Again, I don’t like Wind God Girl and the harmonies/backing vocals in this one are a bit too unique for me.


This song has been completely re-arranged and re-recorded for this release!!

Holy shit I can’t say how much I love the new version. The instrumental is way more varied and I love this intro a lot. The vocals change between soft and gentle and hurt and powerful. And those whispers in the background… hnngh… I loved this song before and would’ve given it a 10/10, but this just threw everything out of place. Please. Listen to it. Cherish it. Do it. Now. Don’t hesitate.


The first Akatsuki song I’ve ever heard. Stack captured my heart after the first note she’s sung and I was drawn to her unique, beautiful, powerful, strong and emotional voice. It also surprised me that her English pronounciation is so good. (You know how Japanese people usually are with English) This song has been re-recorded as well (her voice is more gentle compared to the original release) which doesn’t bothers me much, but I still prefer her rough vocals in the original version. I guess the first song you heard of the circle that you fell in love with will always be special to you.

Dreamer (7/10)

Hello LOVERS I like this more than LOVERS because Stack’s voice sounds so cute and playful~! It’s like she’s voice acting in the middle of singing a song and I’m like ????? u ok ??? how u??? do this ???? Still, the song is quite plain, so I don’t like it that much.

反逆の鐘-Last Rebellion- (9/10)

Ohhh I love Seija. I mentioned it before to a friend, but Stack would be the perfect cast for Seija. Her energetic voice… she sounds so annoyed and determined in here. It’s just perfect. Every time I listen to this song I imagine Seija breaking all the rules in school and running away from home, building up an army and overturn the government. I, too, think that the rules we settled for are stupid. But I’m not Seija and do what I want although I’d really like to :’D

世界の選択-Freedom Paradise- (8/10)

Those lyrics. Yes. Yesyesyes. Exactly. I guess everyone has asked themselves before that this world is a sad and unfair place and wondered if what we believe in is right or not. But then comes the question what is right? What is wrong? We have to find the solution to that answer ourselves and fight for what we believe is the right thing. This is the “answer song” to Last Rebellion, the way Shinmyoumaru handles things. Whilst Seija would just overthrow the government, Shinmyoumaru would politely estavlish a party and attend elections. And then kill everyone in her way. 8)

カゲロウ (7/10)

A summer song. It starts nicely but it’s just too plain for me. I would’ve given the original version 5/10 points, but this version has been re-mastered and re-recorded. The vocals and instrumental sound softer now which is very nice. Yes, two extra points for gentleness. Also, STACKS VOICE REACHES SO HIGH UP. PAY ATTENTION TO THE HARMONIES. MY BEAUTIFUL QUEEN IS PERFECT.
This song is the right choice to listen to on a hot evening in summer when walking home or just sitting around and eating ice-cream. You should try it!

不滅のFACT (5/10)

I like Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke and I don’t know what I have against this song. I just… don’t like it. I don’t even have an explanaion for it.

NO SIGNAL (4/10)

The same explanation as for 不滅のFACT. Also, I don’t understand the lyrics. Grammar????

Oath Act (6/10)

Why is this on here? Isn’t this the song nobody ever talked about and just forgot? Sorry, I’m mean. But it’s the truth, isn’t it? I love Native Faith arranges so I should like this too but somehow I don’t. I’m terribly sorry, ACTRock…

描いた夏をもう一度 (10/10)

Another summer song. I love ねこ☆まんじゅう’s ballades a lot and I think he should do more of them. Lately he focused more on electronic/eurobeat arrangements which I think is nice too, but also kinda sad… because I love all his ballads.


The songs I would’ve liked to see in this album: 二人の結晶-INNOCENCE-, Deep Breath, RAINS and Shoot Down The Red Moon.

 WARNING×WARNING×WARNING -to the beginning 05-


It makes me anxious and happy at the same time that this is the third full album in a row.
Because I love every theme of LoLK the songs on this album all have a surprisingly high rating.


HOLY SHIT CLOWNPIECE OF SHIT ARRANGE I liked her until she got spammed so much lmao. This is just pure awesomeness. Again, Stack is able to fucking voice act while singing. How the fuck does she sing cute and with emotions changing like this…? And that GOOD?? She sounds like she has a lot of fun singing this one and it makes me happy every time I listen to it. She would be a good Clownpiece as well. Idk why I think this way. This is just a feel good song!

Welcome to Nightmare (8/10)

Hnnngh I crave Stack’s talking/rapping. I like the melody of Pandemonic Planet so of course I like this song as well. Hecatia’s fashion sense is horrible, but she’s a cool girl. This song is about her like you may have noticed. I’m certain there are a few people who want this translated so I’ll work on it!

END≠MIND (8/10)

Why does the opening remind me of the SEGA jingle This is a song about Junko. I started translating it because it has a lot of English in it so there’s not so much to actually translate (lmao) But the grammar is fucking me up… Not quite sure if I should just post the lyrics and see if someone else wants to try their luck. I know some people who would do a better job than me for sure :’D Also I wasn’t able to figure out the meaning of the title yet. End inequals mind… the mind is endless? Something like that?

Unbalance (9/10)

K-san… would you like to be my second queen I worship? I find her voice rather… difficult to listen to mostly. It’s not pleasant to listen to for my ears. My favourite Akatsuki song may be sung by her but… there’s exeptions after all! Just like this one. She uses her chest voice to sing which makes it sound a bit forced, but I love how it sounds so deep and not squeaky, which would have ruined the song a bit. It also seems that every arrange of Sagume’s themes is great. What did our one-winged goddes say to achieve this?


EUROBEAT!! I LOVE EUROBEAT!!! I love it when women sing the way there’s anger and power in their voice, just like Stack in this one. Those little roars… ahn, yes please! I don’t know, Eurobeat and Stack is an instant win for every song on this planet. There’s not very much that could top this conjunction ❤

想いはつながっている (8/10)

I know I asked for more ballads, but from ねこ☆まんじゅう and not with K-san’s vocals :’D This is probably the last Imperishable Night arrange they will do. Why I think so? It’s a perfect ending song for their saga. ACTRock did a Inaba, Sakuya, Mokou, Eirin and Keine arrangement and now a song that says “Our Memories Connect Us”. I love the IN soundtrack as well, so this is a great track as well. Since I don’t like it when K-san sings very high tunes I needed to chill down a few times while listening to this but otherwise there’s nothing I complain about!

God Only Knows (8/10)

Stack Bros. is “something like Stack’s friend”. Stack’s lyrics are harder to understand than ACTRock’s. We encountered a huge problem. I’m terribly sorry I fucked up the translation of this song. I tried really hard ;___, I love Drum’n’Bass and Dubstep too, so this is perfect~ Stack Bros. knows how to mix the genres! This guy/girl is talented and I hope we hear more of him/her in the future! I especially love how this song fades out.

Deep Dream Dominator (9/10)

A dive into a nightmare. I don’t understand how to read the lyrics. Someone save me. Eternal Spring Dream is my favourite LoLK theme and Karasu and I and someone else are working on an arrange of it too (coughs coughs) but I’m too lazy to finish my recordings. Well… I have no critique for this song. The ending is the best again; Doremy reveals her true identity~

Wake Up -声のテレパシー- (10/10)

ねこ☆まんじゅう+Ballade+Stack! Finally! This song is cute and sad and it made me smile and cry at the same time. I wish I would understand everything she is saying in here. But the talking parts are never given in the lyrics, sadly… Nothing else to say other than it is perfect!

(Insert a creative ending here)


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