[Translation] Sweet Dreams || GET IN THE RING

My interpretation:
A’s childhood was a mystery.
In their dreams they wandered through their confusing memories, trying to connect the fragments they found and put them in order to get a grip on what caused them to forget. I assume those dreams are nightmares and B (their lover) sits next to them in the bed, gazing at them and singing this lullaby to calm them down. B understands it’s an important task for A to recall their childhood and encourages them to connect those fragments of their memories to finally let it go and to be able to sleep peacefully.

Hikarinoakariost.info @Ksteven

Sweet Dreams
original: 宇宙を飛ぶ不思議な巫女/永遠の春夢
arrangement: GCHM
vocals/lyrics: みぃ
album: Agony (http://agony-c89.tumblr.com/)

遠く深く 深く拓く
そこはいつか いつか誰か
訪れを待つ 霧の声

tooku fukaku fukaku hiraku
daremo shiranai mori no oku
soko wa itsuka itsuka dareka
otozure o matsu kiri no koe

Deeper, thicker, thicker, wider.
In the depths of a forest unknown by anyone.
Someday, over there, someday, someone
will wait for the mist’s calling voice.

-気付け-露に 閉じ込めた あの夜の唄を

-nemure- shizuka ni
-kakuse- oboro ni
-kizuke- arawa ni tojikometa ano yo no uta o

-Sleep- Peacefully.
-Hide- Hazily.
-Notice- Revealed, the song of that night that was locked up.

今宵も夜空に浮かんだ 月を見上げ
さぁ その先の終わりも 知らず
可愛子や 眠れ

koyoi mo yozora ni ukanda tsuki o miage
saa sono saki no owari mo shirazu
kawaiko ya nemure

Gaze upon the moon rising in the nightly sky once more.
Now, do not think about the end approaching after that
and rest well, my beloved child.

淡く消える 消えて浮かぶ
漂う光 照らす明日
目覚めなくちゃ 動かす瞳を
あたたかい手が なぞってく

awaku kieru kiete ukabu
tadayou hikari terasu asu
mezame nakucha ugokasu me o
atatakai te ga nazotteku

Slowly fading, fading and floating.
The light hanging in the air shines upon tomorrow.
You mustn’t wake up. Warm hands
are following your eye’s movement.

-渡せ-探して 夜が明ける前に

-utae- mitsukete
-sagase- tsunagete
-watase- sagashite yo ga akeru mae ni

-Sing- Find them.
-Search- Connect them.
-Traverse- Search them before the night brightens up.

揺れてる幻 残った糸の先を
追い掛けてゆけば そう きっと

yureteru maboroshi nokotta ito no saki o
oikakete yukeba sou kitto
yume no hajimari e

A wavering illusion – If you chased after
the remaining end of the thread, yes, for sure
you’ll be led to the beginning of your dreams.

今宵も夜空に輝く 星を仰ぎ
子守唄の続きを 急かす幼い記憶を
掬って呑み込む 甘く苦く
可愛子や 眠れ

koyoi mo yozora ni kagayaku hoshi o aogi
komori uta no tsuzuki o sekasu osanai kioku o
sukutte nomikomu amaku nigaku
monogatari no hyoushi o tojite
kawaiko ya nemure

Gaze upon the stars glittering in the nightly sky once more.
Scoop out and swallow the continuation of that lullaby
and those sudden childhood memories. They are bitter-sweet.
Shut the book covers to this story
and rest well, my beloved child.


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