[Translation] ノリト || 暁Records

Ritual Prayer

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
original: イザナギオブジェクト
album: 例大祭13会場限定おまけCD
circle: 暁Records

You can hear the prayer backwards from 1:45-1:58. I tried to transcribe it, but…


Remains of the sun, I beg you –
arrange the graceful lives of the God’s.
I pray for the lights to come to life one by one somehow.

The “iku” could also mean “pass away” though…
If anyone understands it better, feel free to comment .

なにもかも こわれてしまっても

nanimokamo kowarete shimatte mo
kawaranai mono ga arimasu you ni

Even if everything is destroyed,
I pray that there is something unyielding.

もしあした この目が覚めなくても
君の未来が つづきますように

moshi ashita kono me ga samenakute mo
kimi no mirai ga tsuzukimasu you ni

Even if I won’t awaken tomorrow,
I pray that your future goes on.

もし二度と 巡り逢えなくても

moshi nidoto meguri aenakute mo
onaji tsuki o mite inori o

Even if we won’t meet a second time,
I pray that we see the same moon.

不変の意思 その幻
獣道に迷い込む 君
それすら必至 神々の意思

fuhen no ishi sono maboroshi
kami no tsukuri shi hakoniwa no hoshi
kemonomichi ni mayoikomu kimi
soresura hisshi kamigami no ishi

Your illusions serve an everlasting purpose.
God’s creation, a minuature garden of stars –
you lost your way following an animal trail.
Even that was necessary; it was planned by the Gods.

取り残され 歌う永遠

kawaranai mono, kawaranai mono
torinokosare utau eien
owaranai mono, owaranai mono
yume no naka de me o samasu yume

Unyielding things, unyielding things,
be left behind. Forever I sing of
never-ending things, never-ending things.
I dream of awakening inside of a dream.

加速する 時にさらされて
かたちを亡くした 祝詞よ

kasoku suru toki ni sarasarete
katachi o nakushita norito yo

It was exposed to the accelerating time
and erased every figure – the ritual prayer.

I won’t forget everything
I’ll remember everything
Even if I’ve lost my mind
My soul waits only for You

なにもかも こわれてしまっても
変わらない 想い抱いて

nanimokamo kowarete shimatte mo
kawaranai omoi daite

Even if everything is destroyed,
I will embrace an unyielding desire.

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