[Translation] 瑠璃色の地平線 || 暁Records


ruri iro no chiheisen
Azure Horizon

original: 最も澄みわたる空と海
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 神様Stories-INNOCENT-
circle: 暁Records

This was Lian’s favorite track and also one of mine. I was bewitched by these ethnic tunes and after Lian explained the lyrics to me (lmao) also by the lyrics. Truly the perfect happy-ending. And then the Omake happens.
‘‘The night clears up, the danger is banished. Tranquility comes, but something noisy is still left.
Emotions and words have no shape, so you can only convey them correctly with gestures.  But one gesture left a scar, which, so Renko/Marry believed, would be healed by the things they are moved by. The dreams they have/had should be a creation by the same God’s who created the earth itself, but that isn’t the case. In the end both of them dream the same dream and their emotions align – finally they arrived in their personal, tranquil, world.‘‘
(1) 深緋 (fukahi) is sung as 光輝緋 (kouki ake). But I guess there’s no big difference between “deep scarlet” and “splendid scarlet”.

夜が息吹く 瑠璃色の地平線
宝石のよう 波紋が海を踊る

kouki ake no hoshi ga shinde wa
yoru ga ibuku ruri iro no chiheisen
minamo keru shiroi suashi ni
houseki no you hamon ga umi o odoru

Deep scarlet stars die, so
the night breathes and the horizon is died azure.
Bare feet kicking the water’s surface
are like a jewel, causing ripples to dance over the ocean.

姿なきもの 想い、言霊
光より速く 君へ届く意思

sugata naki mono omoi, kotodama
hikari yori hayaku kimi e todoku ishi

Emotions and the spirit of words are shapeless things.
I send off their meaning to you, faster than the speed of light.

触れたものに 救いを求めるでしょう

nokosareta ienu akashi wa
fureta mono ni sukui o motomeru deshou
kamigami ga yurushita yume ga
kono sekai no genjitsu na no deshou ka

I assume the hurting sign that was left
seeks salvation from the things it is moved by.
The dreams permitted by the God’s
would be this world’s reality, I assume?

供に見る夢 触れた想いよ
紺青に浮かび 地平線の向こうへ

tomo ni miru yume fureta omoi yo
konjou ni ukabi chiheisen no mukou e

We dream jointly. The emotions we were moved by
rose into the navy blue beyond the horizon.

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