[Translation] Sadomasochism || 暁Records


original: パンデモニックプラネット/見た事も無い悪夢の世界
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: C90 Omake
circle: 暁Records

The goddes of hell is only smiling as she watches over the beauty, the grief and the madness of this hatred turning pure.
This is “Psycho Lily” out of Hecatia’s point of view. Sadomasochism!

灰になるまで 見届けてやろう
紅蓮の狂気 I’m a queen of hell

hai ni naru made mitodokete yarou
guren no kyouki I’m a queen of hell

Until I turn to dust, I’ll assure myself of
this crimson madness. I’m a queen of hell!


moesakaru ikari no honoo de annei no hibi o kowase
kono kurai amari ni mo kurai yami ni kuwaware
anata no minikui nikushimi o watashi ni mo wakete
anata no hidoi shiuchi o watashi ni mo sasete

Destroy these peaceful days with the blazing flames of your anger.
Increase this gloomy, but not too gloomy, darkness.
Share your ugly anger with me as well.
Cast your cruel treatment on me as well.

ああ、恐れ慄け 命は終わる
信じていたものは嘘で 誰も救われない
泣け喚け足掻け 喉を掻き切って
終わらない地獄の責め苦 ずっとしてあげる

aa, osore ononoke inochi wa owaru
shinjite ita mono wa uso de daremo sukuwarenai
nake wameke agake nodo o kakikitte
owaranai jigoku no semeku zutto shite ageru

Ah, tremble in fear – your life is over.
What you believed in is all lies – everyone’s beyond redemption.
Weep, scream and struggle while I cut your throat.
I’ll show you the endless tortures of hell consistently.

I’m a queen of hell, Raging inferno burning in my eyes
眩しい憎しみが 貴女を燃やしてる
狂え白百合 その傷が流す涙を
私にかけて 闇深く抉って

I’m a queen of hell, Raging inferno burning in my eyes
mabushii nikushimi ga anata o moyashiteru
kurue shirayuri sono kizu ga nagasu namida o
watashi ni kakete yami fukaku egutte

I’m a queen of hell, Raging inferno burning in my eyes
Your dazzling anger is burning you.
My raging white lily, pour the tears
your wound sheds on me; excavate the darkness profoundly.

最悪の結末だと 祈り跪け
後悔も懺悔も 全て手遅れ
地獄は一つじゃないわ 何処で逝きたいの?

aa, mieru darou? kanjiteru darou?
saiaku no ketsumatsu da to inori hizamazuke
koukai mo sange mo subete teokure
jigoku wa hitotsu ja nai wa doko de ikitai no?

Ah, can’t you see it? Can’t you feel it?
If that’s the worst end, kneel down and pray.
It’s too late for regrets, repentance and the like now.
Hell is not just one place – where do you want to go?

I’m a queen of hell, Raging inferno burning in my eyes
怒りの業火 貴女を彩るパラノイド
血染めの白百合 永遠の苦痛に塗れ
花開いた闇 私に見せつけて

I’m a queen of hell, Raging inferno burning in my eyes
ikari no gouka anata o irodoru paranoido
chizome no shirayuri eien no kutsuu ni mamire
hanahiraita yami watashi ni misetsukete

I’m a queen of hell, Raging inferno burning in my eyes
The hell fire of fury is the paranoia painting you.
My bloodstained white lily, be covered in endless agony.
Show your blossoming darkness to me.

貴女に触れて 貴女が傷つけて

watashi ni wakete, watashi ni misetsukete
anata ni furete anata ga kizutsukete

Share with me, show off to me.
You touch me, you wound me.

醒めない夢を貴女と見るの 憎悪さえ愛おしい
その痛みを私にわけて 嘆く声を聞かせて

samenai yume o anata to miru no souo sae itooshii
sono itami o watashi ni wakete nageku koe o kikasete

I dream an endless dream with you. Even your hatred is lovely.
Share your pain with me. Let me hear your grieving.


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