You Love Scarlet || 暁Records

You Love Scarlet

original: 亡き王女の為のセプテット
arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: まめみ
circle: 暁Records

A mixture of English and Japanese was never a good thing, even if the English has correct grammar. Also, personally I think that punctuation marks are a wonderful thing – but enterpretation is fun, right?

Anyways, I like this song although I don’t really like Mamemi’s voice. Sometimes it sounds really good, but when it gets louder and more powerful it’s a bit… difficult.
The lyrics are also… interesting.

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月下の幻 (Phantom Under the Moon) || 暁Records

gekka no maboroshi
Phantom Under the Moon

original: 砕月
arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: cheluce
circle: 暁Records

I’m proud I manage to understand Stack’s lyrics now, but somehow ACTRock’s began to confuse me.

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不安なガレ―のうた(Song of an Anxious Galley) || macaroom/Halozy

fuan na garee no uta
Song of an Anxious Galley

original: 砕月
arrangement/lyrics: アサヒ
vocals: 夕月椿
album: 犬猫的電子座曲
circle: macaroom/Halozy

Is this Kancolle

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もののけグルーヴ (Ghost Groove) || 幽閉サテライト

mononoke guruuvu
Ghost Groove

original: 東方妖怪小町
arrangement: Must Noise
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: 造花であろうとした者
circle: 幽閉サテライト

“Mononoke” are especially evil spirits, but I translated it as simply “ghosts” cuz that sounds funkier B)

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ハラハラ・ランラン(Pit-a-Pat. Gleaming.) || macaroom/Halozy

harahara ranran
Pit-a-Pat. Gleaming.

original: 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
arrangement/lyrics: アサヒ
vocals: emaru
album: 犬猫的電子座曲
circle: macaroom/Halozy

錯乱(sakuran)” describes the state of being mentally disordered/confused. It’s more like a general confusion though – having no idea what goes on, having no idea what is real and what is not – when one has completely lost their mind.
Since the original version of this song (with ほたる as vocalist) was titled ‟錯錯乱乱”, it’s safe to say that the song is about that topic. When you look at it like that, I like how asahi chose the title of this remake. Only bare sensory perception is left (hearing, seeing) without nearer classification what goes “pit-a-pat” and what is “gleaming”.
I’d go a step further with my interpretation and claim this song is about dissociation/depersonalisation (being detached of immediate surroundings or your own physical and emotional experiences; in extreme cases it can lead to feeling like a doll, seeing things in front of oneself hundreds of meters away, things being out of proportion etc).

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どこドア(Where-Door) || Halozy

doko doa

original: ラストリモート
arrangement: sumijun & アサヒ
lyrics: sumijun & アサヒ
vocals: 夕月椿
album: GrandSlam
circle: Halozy

I really love アサヒ’s lyrics.

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