Supernova || 暁Records


original: ヴォヤージュ1969/ヴォヤージュ1970
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 少女救世論
circle: 暁Records

This song was inspired by a doujinshi by ALISON called “The Universe’s Death as Seen by the Immortal Ones ~Demise Compilation~”, starring Mokou, Kaguya, Eirin and Sakuya. I’m not planning on translating the 75-page long web-comic, thus I’ll only give a brief summary of the content!
If you’re interested in reading it though, Violet found the translated version for me! You can read it here.

56677797_p0_master1200The sun of our solar system turned into a supernova, burning earth while it collapsed. Everyone died except for the immortal ones (Mokou, Kaguya and Eirin) as well as Sakuya. She was lucky to have been in a spaceship with Patchouli and Remilia shortly before the supernova happened, though the two died before due to an accident. Sakuya stopped her own time after that since Remilie ordered her to and waited for someone to rescue her out of the broken spaceship.
Countless years later, Eirin finds her by chance while looking for Mokou and Kaguya. Together with Sakuya’s power, they are able to find these two while they were having a beach party on an earth-like planet far, far away.
Upon arriving, Eirin tells them about her plan to bring back the world and Gensokyo with help of Sakuya’s time-manipulating abilities. Sakuya, however, would not survive this.
She agrees though and their plan succeeds – Everything was turned back to ground zero and the world’s history (in the doujinshi, the Imperishable Night incident was taken as an example) repeated itself over and over again. Eternally.

You can find the doujinshi here.

星よ、眠らないで 微睡み人の夢の中
hoshi yo, nemuranaide madoromi hito no yume no naka
itsuka moe tsukiru hi made

Oh stars, do not sleep. You exist in dozing people’s dreams
Until the day you burn out.

sora aoki hoshi ni umare
hiki ai mitsume au hitobito
matatakeba umare shinde iku
setsuna no baton ni takusu mirai

Born on a planet with a blue sky,
We stare at those we’re attracted to.
In the blink of an eye they’re born and die.
We entrust the future onto a momentary baton.

この方舟で まだ旅は続いていくの
kono hakobune de mada tabi wa tsuzuite iku no

We still continue the journey with our ark.

星よ、眠らないで 微睡み人の夢の中
星よ、一人きりで 歌うように輝いているの
hoshi yo, nemuranaide madoromi hito no yume no naka
itsuka moe tsukiru hi made
hoshi yo, hitorikiri de utau you ni kagayaite iru no
itsuka inochi owaru hi made

Oh stars, do not sleep. You exist in dozing people’s dreams
Until the day you burn out.
Oh stars, you sparkle by yourselves as if you were singing
Until the day your lifespan ends.

ああ 夢から醒めた日
ああ 故郷を捨てた日
肉の身を逃れて 星生まれる輝き
aa yume kara sameta hi
aa kokyou o suteta hi
niku no mi o nogarete hoshi umareru kagayaki

Ah, one day we woke from our dreams.
Ah, one day we discarded our birthplace.
We escaped our fleshen bodies and a star was born shining.

Supernova 光の世界
hikari no sekai
mirai mo kako mo kie usete
ima wa tada, koko ni itai

Supernova – A world of light.
Past and future vanish, yet
I only want to be here.

Supernova 変わり続け
kawari tsuzuke
owari to hajimari no kaosu ni tadayou
hitotsu ni natta subete

Supernova – Continue to change.
Drifting in the chaos of endings and beginnings,
Everything became one.


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