C92 Announcement

Hey guys, this is a quick announcement to inform you on which albums you’ll be able to find me this Comiket! Also which albums I’m planning on getting lol

Crest’s “Star and Crescent”

I’m proud to say I had the honour to participate in Crest’s new album as lyricist! The vocals were done by my lovely fiancee Lian.
The song is called “Geburtstag” (“Birthday“) and it’s a powerful and emotional rock ballade. The album in general is fantastic, so please consider buying it to support Crest and make future albums possible! Buydoujin might be dead, but shops like Akiba Hobby also sell to oversea customers. The prices may be a little higher but they also offer more goods as Buydoujin. I can say that JeetSingh is a very kind and polite person and working together with him was a good and relaxing process, so you’re supporting an awesome person.
If you’d like to, I can share the lyrics for “Geburtstag” after the album release together with a translation.

Official Website

Solair Echoes’ “tumbling down the rabbit hole”

Of course I participated in an album made by the circle I’m manager in, even though it’s sadly just one and a half song. It was a crazy time for all of us with many things changing, so we only managed a single and also no PV this time.
It will be a Bandcamp release (pay-what-you-want) like all our albums up to this date.
This time, it mainly focuses on hard rock and metal tunes, but there are two special things: A German track and Karasu singing! I mixed all the songs except for track 5. It’s totally worth checking out if I may say so lol
Since it’s a free album with a donation option, we’d be happy if you’d give us a chance and download it for free if you don’t have spare money or don’t want to pay!

Official Website

Albums I plan to get

The feels for these are too strong to comment on them at this point but for the Akatsuki albums: I might be able to get the Omake goodies!


















舞音KAGURA – 蛍火-Hotarubi-










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