original: 衛星カフェテラス
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

Updated with help of the booklet.


  1. This is Renko and Mary singing in this song and they sing simultaneously almost all the time, which makes it hard to get the outline of the lyrics right. It seems Renko’s lines are at the bottom of the PV and Mary’s lines at the top.

Romantic science crosses over the constellations! Our curiosity leads to the universe and to the bottom of the ocean. Our dreaming consciousness can reach everywhere. All right, don’t let go of my hand! Sci-Fi Romance Traveler!


“kimi no miru sekai ni furesasete”

“Allow me to experience the world you see.”

「あのさ、もし意識思考そのものが自律して この体を逃れたなら」
“ano sa, moshi ishiki shikou sono mono ga jiritsu shite kono karada o nigerareta nara”

“Hey, what if my consciousness and thoughts become independent and escape my body?”

「意識は自律して? 興味深いわね」
“ishiki wa jiritsu shite? kyoumi fukai wa ne”

“Consciousness being independent? That’s an interesting topic.”

「とてもああ、生身では行けないような所に 二人でこっそり行ってみたいよね」
“totemo aa, namami de wa ikenai you na tokoro ni futari de kossori itte mitai yo ne”

“Really, ah, you want us to sneak into a place living flesh can’t enter, don’t you?”

“kossori ne, sore mo ii wa ne”

“Secretly, that would be nice too.”

“uun, genshi no hoshi” “uun, shakunetsu no umi”
“uun, doko e demo” “yukeru nara”

“Yes, to the protostars.” “Yes, to the burning seas.”
“Yes, if we can go anywhere…”


君と私の境目 曖昧な証明


makafushigi no etosetora egaite
keserasera nasu ga mama

kimi to watashi no sakaime aimai na shoumei
seiza mataide romansu saiensu
kami to kagaku misuteriasu

mou kereritasu oinuite
toransu waapu shichaou

We draw things like profound mysteries.
“Que Será, Será” – Leave it as it is!
Your and my boundary line is a vague proof for that.
Romantic science crosses over constellations.
God and science are mysterious.
We already outrace the celerity
Let us transwarp!

ano ne, moshi ishiki, ishi sono mono ga kairi shite kono karada ni kaerenaku nattara

“Hey, what if my consciousness and purposes become alienated and can’t return to my body…?”

“un? naani? kimi ga kairi shite sono karada ni kaerenaku nattara dou suru ka tte?”

“Yes? Huuh? What you should do if you become alienated and can’t return to your body?”

“nee, mukae ni kite” “touzen, doko e datte”
“nee, itsu datte” “shinjiteru”

“Hey, come to get me.” “Sure, wherever you are.”
“Hey, I’ll always believe in you.”

摩訶不思議のエトセトラ描いて -描いて
ケセラセラなすがまま -どこまでだって

君と私の境目 曖昧な証明
海底メトロポリスのネオンは -いこうよ
シャボン玉のキラメキ -知らないところへ

人魚姫にならないように 『指を絡ませて』
makafushigi no etosetora egaite -egaite
keserasera nasu ga mama -doko made datte

kimi to watashi no sakaime aimai na shoumei
kaitei metoroporisu no neon wa -ikyou yo
shabon dama no kirameki -shiranai tokoro e

ningyo hime ni naranai you ni “yubi o karamasete”

We draw things like profound mysteries. -We draw
“Que Será, Será” – Leave it as it is! -To wherever
Your and my boundary line is a vague proof for that.
The neon of the undersea metropolis -Let’s go
Make the soap bubbles sparkle. -To an unknown place
So you won’t become a little mermaid, “let our fingers connect.”

“honto wa kowai no?” “sonna koto nai wa”
“yume no naka nara kinki nante nai”

“Aren’t you actually scared?” “No, I am not.”
“If we’re in a dream, there are no taboos.”

“kaereru kashira?” “doko e?”

“I wonder if we can return home?” “Where to?”

『いつも見知った場所へ? でもそれじゃ退屈だから』
“itsumo mishitta basho e? demo sore ja taikutsu da kara”

“To the place we always knew? But that would be plain boring!”

「無双意識のパラダイス 光超えて旅して

“musou ishiki no paradaisu hikari koete tabi shite
kaerimichi wa wasurenaide… maa wasuretemo ii kedo ne!”
“yoku iu wa!”

“We outrace light and travel to the paradise of peerless awareness.
Don’t forget the way home… Well, it would be fine even if we did!”
“Well said!”


君と私が見た夢 交わらないパラレル
makafushigi na toraberu ni youjin
kowai mono mitasa no tankyuushin

kimi to watashi ga mita yume majiwaranai parareru

We’re cautious about mysterious trouble,
But we like to rubberneck due to our spirit of inquiry.
Your and my dream are on a uncrossing parallel.

「私の眼を見てフィジシスト」 -穴が空くほどに?
「星と月と私を」 -きみを

「この気持ちを定義して」 -非論理的だね
「向かい合ったまま 」-それじゃあ

“watashi no me o mite fijisuto” -ana ga aku hodo ni?
“hoshi to tsuki to watashi o” -kimi o

“kono kimochi o teigi shite” -hirironteki da ne
“mukai atta mama” -sore jaa

“The physicist looking into my eyes” -Until they’re pierced?
“Sees the stars and the moon and me.” -You
“I defined these feelings” -They’re illogical, huh?
“While I faced you.” -Well then

「その眼、触れさせてマジシャン」 -恐ろしいことよ
「知らない世界見せて」 -お望みならば
「どんなことが持ち受けても」 -側にいてくれる?
“sono me, furesasete majishan” -osoroshii koto yo
“shiranai sekai misete” -onozomi naraba
“donna koto ga mochi uketemo” -soba ni ite kureru?
“futari nara dajoubu”

“Let me be moved by the magician’s eyes.” -That is startling me!
“Show me an unknown world.” -If that’s your desire.
“No matter what we shoulder” -Can I be with you?
“It’s fine if we’re together.”

“yubikiri o shite mo ii?” -koyubi o karamasete
“kanashii koto wa okinai tte”

“Can we make a pinky promise?” -Let our pinkies connect
“Nothing sorrowful will happen.”

“yakusoku shite”

“We promise.”



  1. Thanks for this! I didn’t read the entire thing, but the part I read was pretty good. (:

    Here are a few minor comments:

    興味深いわね => “That’s really deep” (your translation focused on the other person being interested, which I think is incorrect)
    エトセトラ=> I haven’t seen this loanword before, but I am not sure if “etcetera” is a good translation. Maybe something like “draw various mysterious things” for that phrase.
    身体に帰れなくなったら => “can’t return to your body” (you said “won’t return” which has a different nuance)
    living flash => I guess you meant “living flesh”. Maybe try something “I want to go a place secretly with you which we normally couldn’t visit in our physical bodies”.


      1. Interestingly, I see there was another answer to the post I made which says it might be sarcastic, and if so the interpretation could be closer to what you said. However, personally I don’t see any reason to interpret this part of the song as sarcastic. Let me know if you disagree.

        Anyway, interesting discussion.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember there was the part before the first verse. Took me a while to hear it, but this is roughly what I got.

    Romance (Traveler)
    Science (Cross the Border)
    Dangerous (Save me follow me)

    not sure if I got it correctly.


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