scene1「誘惑、されてみる?」(Will you try out being seduced?)/SIN || 暁Records

coverThe drama part was transcribed by ear with help of Violet and Releska!
The first scene is spoken by Renko, the second scene by Merry.
They are sitting in the bar Old Adam and talk about the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve and the world’s secrets. Renko seems fond of the plan to take a bite out of said fruit, but Merry is still unsure…
The drama part and the song belong together, that’s why I put them in one post.

scene1 「誘惑、されてみる?」
“yuuwaku, sarete miru?”
“Will you try out being seduced?”

text and voice: Stack
from: C92 Omake CD

どう? 誘惑、されてみる?
nee, merii?
merii wa sa, kindan no mi o kajitte miru?
moshi ivu no you ni yuuwaku saretara, shiteki koukishin osaekirenakattara…
kitto subarashii aji ga suru deshou ne.
mizukara ima ga shiranai koto o shiri, mienakatta mono o miru tte iu no wa.
nankai no suushiki ga marude saisho kara yakusoku sarete ita michisuji no you ni kanjiru deshou ne.
itsumo to onaji keshiki ga kitto gohho no kaiga no you ni kagayaite mierunda wa.
dou? yuuwaku, sarete miru?

Hey, Merry?
Would you try to take a bite out of the forbidden fruit?
What if you’d be seduced like Eve and couldn’t hold back your curiosity anymore…?
I imagine it would taste splendid.
It’s said that you will know the things you don’t know yet and see the things you couldn’t see.
It will probably feel as if the most abstruse formulas were the path promised to us since the beginning.
The sceneries we’ve always seen would probably be sparkling like one of Gogh’s paintings.
How is it? Will you try out being seduced?


original: バー・オールドアダム
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: C92 Omake CD
circle: 暁Records

紅く実った罪が 誘惑に揺らめいている
金色に光る眼で 青いマニキュアの蛇
akaku minotta tsumi ga yuuwaku ni yurameite iru
kindan no kaori
kiniro ni hikaru me de aoi manikyua no hebi
yurari, odotte iru

The sin borne red is swaying alluringly.
It gives off a forbidden smell.
There is a blue manicure snake in your golden shining eyes.
It’s dancing in a swaying motion.

“chie no mi o o-tabe, hoshiku nakuttemo
mitasareta kokoro, sonna mono yori mo
tsumi o okasu no yo, futari no tsumi o
amai kinki o kuchi utsushi suru no”

“Eat the fruit of wisdom, even if you do not desire it anymore.
You shall commit more sins than necessary
To satisfy your hearts; You convey your sin,
This sweet taboo, by word of mouth.”

*Dancing with a snake 誘惑して
Invitation to sin 楽園に淫靡
Hide and escape 秘密宿して 二人だけの
Dancing with a snake 隠しただけ
Naked naked lie 知りたくなるの
Wicked wicked eyes 口に含んで飲み干して
yuuwaku shite
rakuen ni inbi
himitsu yadoshite futari dake no
kakushita dake
shiritaku naru no
kuchi ni fukunde nomihoshite

Dancing with a snake – It seduces us.
Invitation to sin – Vulgarity in paradise.
Hide and escape – We harbor a secret just for us.
Dancing with a snake – We just hid.
Naked naked lie – We became curious.
Wicked wicked eyes – We hold it in our mouths and drink up.



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