Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films [Translation Only] || 暁Records

Comment from the translator:
This project took quite some time, but I can proudly say I am completely satisfied with how it turned out. I am yet unsure wether or not the original text will be added some time or published in a seperate post, but it somehow does not feel right.
There are several references in the text, which will be explained at the end of this post. Comments and explanations can be found there too.
I’d like to thank Violet, the creator of Tiramisu Cowboy, for transcribing the text and helping me spot all the references in it ❤ Please pay her a visit if you enjoy Butaotome and don’t forget to leave a small donation so she can keep up her awesome work!
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text: Silve/カフウ/luno.
writing supervision: luno. (東方ニコ童祭)
illustration: 原之 [Harano]
design: レク [reku]
circle: 暁Records


Firstly, I will explain the details of the records I decided to leave here.
While cleaning up out of boredom recently, I discovered a one-gou¹ big wicker clothes hamper. I opened it up out of curiosity and stored inside was a total of eight fairly antiquated reels of film.
Movie projectors were brought into Japan way after the incident that led to Gensokyo’s isolation happened. Kappa might use things that have been washed ashore for trading to amuse themselves, but the villagers view this handling as foolish and it seems many don’t even know about it, so it’s not unusual some things are labeled as “useless objects” and forced onto donated to the Hieda residence for administration purposes.
I was interested in the “contents” of these films so I immediately paused cleaning (※I was yelled at by the chambermaid later) and found myself bringing back home a movie projector I borrowed from Kourindou’s². The footmarks I left at that time were light. I triumphantly converted a room on my property into a small cinema and tried out beaming the films; and there I was, writing a record about the figures of acquainted youkai screened onto the wall.
For what purpose did this unknown person produce these? ――I still don’t have a single clue about that, but I suspect this could be a “Record of Gensokyo as Seen by the Outside World”.
It was necessary for me as an editor to preserve this chronicle in some way or another, but the contents would be fairly incorrect if I left them as they were and just added a supplement. I thought a new method would be easier to understand in that case.
Frankly speaking, my impressions are left with “Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films”, but it ultimately is something like an extra to the Gensokyo Chronicle. I still don’t know to what shape this will be merged, but the Tengu’s extra seems appropriate, although it would be fortunate if it could become an amusement as well.

-Hieda no Akyuu, the Ninth Are Maiden


Main character: Yukari Yakumo
Rarity level: Very high
Shadiness: Very high

Gensokyo’s Manager
The Youkai that appears in unexpected places and at unexpected moments was displayed in the first film. It is the border-manipulating great Youkai called Yukari Yakumo that created Gensokyo and can be numbered as one of its sages. Scenes in which she confronts the Hakurei Shrine Maiden are portrayed here and in the end, it seems as if the Shrine Maiden has won. It is unknown why the two that are also controlling Gensokyo’s borders are battling, but due to the fact the reckless Shrine Maiden showed an unusual expression, I assumed the circumstances were grave. I was absolutely successfully fascinated by this film overflowing with beautiful pictures.

Creepy Grin
When was it again, that she was called this in the Tengu newspaper? Is she smiling, is she sneering, her motives can never be read, but her bold smiles surfacing here and there stand out. It’s that smile you show when the final stage lies ahead. I don’t recall having seen her make that expression before. It wasn’t creepy, it was more like――What in Heaven’s name was she thinking about?

I have noticed something after watching the other films. The components of these were shown at the end of this one. In other words, this film is the newest one out of these and was created lastly. There might be a chance Yukari Yakumo took part in these films as well. With that in mind, even me mindfully writing a record seems to be part of her estimation. While racking my brain over this and that, her creepy grin surfaced until the end.



Main character: Alice Margatroid
Taboo: Very high

The puppeteer’s true self
There are many things about Alice Margatroid that are not yet clear. Some say she was born human and is still one, but various opinions about her actually being someone from Makai infest people too.
She does things like opening up puppet theatres at the village square and her relationships to the humans seems to be of splendid nature, but a rumour claims she crafts dolls of the those she dislikes, cutting down timber every night, and finally casting a curse that will kill them. To make sure wether this is her true self or not, I began watching this film.

Alice in Wonderland
The phrase „DOWN DOWN DOLL” which I heard in this video got stuck in my head. It’s a sentence written in a foreign book I got some time ago from my aquaintance’s lending library “Suzunaan”³. It’s the story of a girl that got lost in wonderland after chasing behind a rabbit. This girl is called “Alice” as well. I got the impression that the appearance of these two Alices suit each other. I don’t know what relation the film and this foreign book have, but I still want to continue reading the book.

A completely autonomous doll
Speaking of dolls, I remember she always brings these tiny dolls with her, but somehow Alice’s body is a “doll” as well in this film. It’s kind of odd; the doll-controlling Alice becomes a marionette dancing on the stage someone has prepared. I heard a story about her having the intention to create a completely autonomous doll during a past interview. But if Alice herself was meant by this autonomous doll… it’s an extremely unsettling story.



Main character: Hina Kagiyama
Cuteness: Medium
Rarity level: Very high

The God of Misfortune?
I wonder if it really is her herself shown in this film?  I say “I wonder”, because if it is the girl detested as God of Misfortune, then I’ve never seen her this cheerful in my life. Quite a few people told me a story called „being exceedingly amiable“, but if she spreads this big of a smile, it will become creepy on the contrary. Technically I don’t want to exclude the possibility the contents of this film are some sort of fiction made by someone from the outside world, but there is no doubt about this being rare data.

Repeat, Repeat
Such carefree music was new to my ears and thus captured me completely. I had to verify the other films that accumulated besides this one as well, but whenever it finished, I caught myself watching it again. However, in order to understand the matter it is absolutely essential to repeat it. To mention a point based on that; I think this film spins around a lot (I don’t mean the film tape though). I saw her spinning around herself sometimes, so it might be some type of connection to her condition. Additionally, a note with „This is a misprint. I will correct it, so I beg pardon.” written on it was stuck in a gap between the films, but I have absolutely no idea what this could mean.⁴

Music of The Future
Being way too enthusiastic, I caught myself acting out-of-age by tapping on my desk to the rhythm; but it was a very interesting experience to cheer something on by kind of playing a music instrument. Just tapping was so much fun, but furthermore sparkling in there would undoubtedly prove to be an even more interesting experience. It would become something very good without doubt, so it’s a pity this is something that probably won’t be realized in Gensokyo.⁵


Main character: Raiko Horikawa
Hotness: High
Rebellion level: Very high
Combo number: Full Combo

Reversal Incident
The record about the “reversal incident” during which powerless youkai turned brutal and started a rebellion was only recently made, but this film regards the plotters to be Seija Kijin and several other people just as written down. The other plotters are “Sukuna Shinmyoumaru”, a descendant of the inchling race, and “Raiko Horikawa”, a wadaiko tsukumogami⁶, but I get the impression this film places special emphasis on Raiko Horikawa and not Seija Kijin. There is no record about wether or not she was part of the reversal incident, but given the chance she worked hand in hand with Seija, it would be necessary to publicize a corrected and revised version of the Gensokyo Chronicle in the next time. (Although the possibility the incident is only exploited to mess around with exists.)

Unfamiliar Tunes
I’ve mentioned it in the other films as well, but the song that comes streaming out uses tunes not existing and thus unfamiliar in Gensokyo, and although I am pesky about music, I was able to get lost in it while having a fresh feeling. She just seems loving to make her “drum” sound, and so I felt as if my small cinema became a concert hall. I heard that she had some sort of  surprise battle at a Prismriver Ensemble’s live show one time⁷, but I couldn’t attend since I was tied up with other matters. I think that if she ever enters another live show, I’d really like to go there.

Pumped by the unfamiliar tunes and the phrase “Shout”, I started humming along without me noticing. There happens to be an amusement called “karaoke” in the outside world in which you have fun singing along a song and pictures, and so I unwittingly seem to have acted out this amusement. Since I tasted the euphoria of asking myself wether or not I could become a well-known artist, I hoped some other people interested in that would definitely like to try it out. (The expenses of renting a place and equipment are to be stipulated.)⁸

Our Crystal -INNOCENCE-

Main characters: Unknown
Outside world: High
Informative value: Low

An Unknown Couple
I tried going through my memories, but there is no relevant information on the appearing couple. The appearance of the girl clothed in violet is similar to the border-manipulating youkai’s, but since I couldn’t sense anything suspicious about her, it’s probably a different person. The girl clothed in white gives of a similar atmosphere to that one outside person I happened to see just recently⁹. I wonder if she’s just coincidentally resembling her as well.

The Outside World
The appearing humans are unknown to me as well as the scenery shown, which means the setting of this film is not in Gensokyo, but in a bordering world – in other words, the Outside World. In that case, there is absolutely no valuable material concerning Gensokyo in here, but I think I personally have some deep interest in seeing the outside state of affairs with my own two eyes like this.

After seeing it through once, it seems there really is no other content than material on the Outside World. However, why is this film set to play in the Outside World while the other films play in Gensokyo? Including the films I checked several times, only this one has a different design and gives off a peculiar feel, which leaves me no choice but to think that there is something sinful shown in addition to the humans from the Outside World. I’m simply praying that hopefully this film isn’t cursed and won’t bring unhappiness over those who have seen it.


Main character: Clownpiece
Costume: Low
Trauma: High

Fairy From Another World
For the time being, this is the fairy that began haunting near the village, but it’s a surprise to see her left in this form as a resource. She often acts together with „the usual three fairies“¹⁰, and they do things so they reach a fairy-level, but other than that I don’t sense anything threatening about her, although there also is a rumour about her having cooperated with a villain in the past while having exceeded a fairy’s range of mischief and assisting some evil deed. That means, this could have been gained while she had that appearance back then. In that case, it turns out her eccentric appearance is that from former times, yet I’ve seen the exact pattern of her clothes before in a foreign book. It is the flag of a great country existing in the outside world. This might be a fake story, but Clownpiece could be a fairy that came to us from the Outside World.¹¹

Crime Preventing Item
I had the same uplifting feeling like in the Misfortune God’s film and I managed to gain something from it. Her noisiness is completely different from the poltergeists’, almost soothing so, and while I focused too much on feeling that much delight I didn’t notice, but somehow, in the middle of the running film, it seems that Marisa intruded and caused a fuss in my residence. According to my maid’s story, as soon as she heard this song while being chased by her, her face turned pale and she ran back home, the reason still unclear to us. If this proves effective to conquest intruders, I’d like to repeat it another 99 times.¹²

Just like during the Misfortune God’s film, I enjoyed myself by tapping along the film on my desk. Wrapped inside a pleasant euphoria that seemed to come dashing out freely, my maid who watched the situation approached me with the worry I might have gone mad. If a table for entertainment use that creates sound just like tapping alongside (annoying) music does existed, it would be fairly interesting… I will try and negotiate with the Kappa this time.¹³

KilLove Fireproof!

Main characters: Fujiwara no Mokou, Kaguya Houraisan
Hotness: Very high
Threat level: Very high

Endless Killing
This appears to be a documented act in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Shown in this film are “Fujiwara no Mokou” and “Kaguya Houraisan” who, in spite of their indestructible bodies (or especially because of them), use to carry on some fiery killing every night in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. During these times, a part of the bamboo forest is reduced to burned-out ruins and there is some damage due to stray bullets, which appears to cause several problems for the youkai inhabitating the bamboo forest.

A Film with Heat
An endless killing— I eventually got captivated by this abnormity and ended up forgetting the passing of time. The fever transmitted to me with the advancing of the film led me to forget even the coldness of the winter we are slowly heading to. If by any chance someone got involved in the battle between these two, I suspect common people would be neglected and every youkai would soon be burned to ashes.

An Eternally Lasting Curse
„Life is a curse“ and „Death is salvation”. “A phoenix unable to die although it wants to” is such irony, and “a caged bird” is very well said. I really wonder just what kind of relationship they have. It’s also the expression Kaguya Houraisan shows from time to time. Is it possible that these two are–?

First Memory | Next Memory

Main characters: Sanae Kochiya, Suwako Moriya, Kanako Yasaka
Time: Long
Memories: High

Approaching Memories
Long. Very long. The tape is overly long and so the film is very heavy. As far as I can see, this film follows the steps of the wind priestess of the Moriya shrine who gathers faith on top of the Youkai Mountain “Sanae Kochiya” (Alias: Sanae-san)’s coming to Gensokyo from the Outside World. The two Gods of Moriya also make an appearance in this film, but if I compare them to their current selves, they have a bit of an ingenuous aura to them. The red and white shrine maiden is also displayed along the way, though she is shown to appear relentless.

First half first. A section of Sanae-san’s life in the Outside World appears to be drawn down here. Rather than it being written down as a resource, it felt like stealing a glance at an aquaintance’s childhood, but so be it. She held a meeting to gather other people together with one of the Gods, “Kanako Yasaka”, in the past (these circumstances are collected in another book¹⁴), but she explained the details of her coming to Gensokyo with “I came here to gather faith” back then. These Gods can naturally only exist when having faith, so that reason is most probably right, but I came to think this might not be the only reason. Everyone has the ability to understand Gods and youkai become rampant in Gensokyo, but I heard that except for a few people (those with supernatural powers for example) no one in the Outside World is able to see them. To be in a situation where youkai and Gods are only visible to oneself… I can’t quite imagine it, but I can imagine it might be very awkward.

Inside and Outside
And the second half. From there on, sceneries I remember seeing spread out. Be it for better or for worse, even to me who has watched Gensokyo for such a long time, the situation that the girls who were once newcomers from the outside blended in is an extremely rare case. Whether one crowds around a newcomer or distances oneself, it’s undeniable that the number of the latter was remarkable during the first time. However, despite the atmosphere during these times was extremely hard-to-reach, it turned way more meeker nowadays and even the villagers begin to become interested in the people from the Outside World bit by bit. I thought that there must have been another reason for these girls to come to Gensokyo, but after getting to know insider information, I began to look at it in a slightly different way.

Primal Scene
There are lot of things I don’t know about Sanae-san as well, but there’s no doubt the material on her increased hereby. This long and heavy film about her life’s story only goes so far, but I think I want to live while properly ascertaining and leaving back something about her distant future myself (and thus uniting it in a beautiful way in the form of a book would fit perfectly). It seems the girls headed towards a fun banquet, and so I’m thinking I want to head to the grand finale as well.


“Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films” was created when I picked up the brush influenced by the feelings of this fate encounter, but it’s inevitable to say this is nothing special compared to the Gensokyo Chronicle (However, since I deviated from my actual goal it caused difficulties as well). It feels difficult and strangely philosophical to look at the inside from the outside, but truth be told, I guess I can understand it since looking at the inside from the inside isn’t that different.
Rather than saying I made up excuses in the beginning by calling these records, I dislike to say these are my modest impressions. Conceiving the things seen, contemplating the possible motives, putting them into words and leaving them behind definitely. Unlike my literal “life-work”, the Gensokyo Chronicle, the enjoyable part was strong and I can safely say my final impression is that I simply spend some fun time (not that the Gensokyo Chronicle wouldn’t be fun). If there are more films of this kind, I definitely would want to see, hear and write them down, but it’s unclear if I can accomplish that within my current life.
I pray that time will come someday, and until then, I will continue to enjoy my favorite tea.

Season 132, 15th of the Godless Month [October 2017]
-Hieda no Akyuu, the Ninth Are Maiden


  1. Around 0.3306 m²
  2. “Kourindou” is Rinnosuke’s shop
  3. Kosuzu Motoori’s shop. Located in the human village. You can rent and buy books here. Place where the Gensokyo Chronicle is bound and sold.
  4. I have absolutely no clue either. ACTRock probably views this song as a mistake. lol
  5. Innuendo to “LOVE EAST” being playable in SOUND VOLTEX.
  6. A “wadaiko” is a traditional Japanese drum. A “tsukumogami” is a once lifeless object that turned to life.
  7. From “Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia”. Reference to Raiko teaming up with the Prismriver Ensemble for their reformation.
  8. Innuendo to “THE SHOW” being singable on JOYSOUND (a karaoke platform).
  9. Sumireko Usami.
  10. Reference to Clownpiece teaming up with the three fairies of light to annoy humans.
  11. Hieda no Akyuu is not familiar with the LoLK incident yet.
  12. Because Clownpiece’s stage caused so many players so much distress, some can’t stand her anymore. You can repeat a stage 99 times in LoLK.
  13. Innuendo to “WarningxWarningxWarning” being playable on GROOVE COASTER.
  14. Reference to “Symposium of Post-Mysticism”, an official book with information on some Touhou characters.

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