Metamorphosis || 暁Records


original: 秘匿されたフォーシーズンズ/クレイジーバックダンサーズ [The Concealed Four Seasons/Crazy Backup Dancers]
from: 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

arrangement: Stack Bros.
vocals/lyrics: Stack
album: Metamorphosis
circle: 暁Records

1) “ハ子ヲトリ ケニヤサハナム” (hane odori keniyasahanamu)

Keniyasahanam” is a spell used during the “tengu frightening” ceremony at the Jogyo-do on Mt. Hiei where Matara-jin is enshrined. At the front door of the shrine, understandable sutras are read. But at the backdoor, the sutras read are complete nonsense.
During that ceremony, they also perform the “Hane Odori” at the backdoor. The literal translation would be Leap Dance, but it is much more than that – Satono and Mai dance it. (So you could say it’s a completely madness driven dance.)
As I mentioned previously, the ceremony serves the purpose to scare off tengu. Since they are said to steal wisdom, this is to protect the shrine.
Fun fact: “ハ子ヲトリ” can also be read as “hane o tori” [Plucking feathers]. Tengu are mightless without them!
2) “om namas (insert god here)” is the most popular Hindu Mantra. It basically means: “Adoration to (insert god here)”.
3) You probably know Okina Matara is based off of Matari-jin by now. There is not much information about this God (it’s close to impossible to find a good source on English), so he’s also referred to as “secret god”. Fitting for Okina!

闇に在り 光に在り 天に地に 空に在りて
姿在らず その名語るべからず
yami ni ari hikari ni ari ten ni chi ni kuu ni arite
sugata arazu sono na katarubekarazu

It is in darkness. It is in light. It is in heaven, earth and the air.
It holds no shape, and one must not say its name.

然れば 我は厄災 ときに祝祭 創造、破壊の裏表
その背中、 決して振り返ることなかれ
shikareba ware wa yakusai toki ni shukusai souzou hakai no uraomote
sono senaka, kesshite furikaeru koto nakare

Therefore we are disastrous. A feast for time. Both creation and destruction.
You must under no circumstances take a look at your back.

異形の舞は続く Metarmorphosis
shini umareru kisetsu ga gotoku
igyou no mai wa tsuzuku

To die and to be born, as the seasons are.
The bizarre dance continues. Metamorphosis!

ハ子ヲトリ ケニヤサハナム 踊レ 狂気ヤ 此処二在リ
ハ子ヲトリ ケニヤサハナム 歌エ 秘神ヤ 此処二在リ
hane odori keniyasahanamu odore kyouki ya koko ni ari
hane odori keniyasahanamu utae hishin ya koko ni ari
ushirodo no nushinari

Hane Odori, Keniyasahanam. Dance! Madness, it is here.
Hande Odori, Keniyasahanam. Sing! The secret God, it is here.
The Lord of the Backdoors.

Hidden Star
ウラオモテの境界超え 今 扉が開く
Hidden Star
溢れる闇 光、光、光
uraomote no kyoukai koe ima tobira ga hiraku
afureru yami hikari, hikari, hikari

Hidden Star
Exceed the bilateral boundary. The door is opening.
Hidden Star
In the deluging dark, there is light, light, light.

ハ子ヲトリ ケニヤサハナム 踊レ 狂気ヤ 此処二在リ
ハ子ヲトリ ケニヤサハナム 歌エ 秘神ヤ 此処二在リ
hane odori keniyasahanam odore kyouki ya koko ni ari
hane odori keniyasahanam utae hishin ya koko ni ari
ushirodo no nushinari

Hane Odori, Keniyasahanam. Dance! Madness, it is here.
Hande Odori, Keniyasahanam. Sing! The secret God, it is here.
The Lord of the Backdoors.

Om Matarah namah, Matarah, Hidden Star
Om Matarah namah, Matarah, Hidden Star
wasuraruru myouga yo
konton ga to o hiraku

Om. Namas to Matara, Matara, the hidden star.
A divine blessing is forgotten.
Om. Namas to Matara, Matara, the hidden star.
Chaos is opening that door.

sono sugata,

That figure undergoes metamorphosis.

9 thoughts on “Metamorphosis || 暁Records

  1. Actually, isn’t the plot of the video violating the canon?
    It kind of seems in the video that Okina created Eternity Larva from a butterfly, but actually in touhou wiki we can see the following:
    >> In Cirno’s Extra Stage scenario, it is revealed that Cirno used the door on Eternity’s back to re-enter Ushirodo-no-Kuni and challenge Okina Matara to a rematch. Somehow, this resulted in Cirno drawing on the power of doyou, the border between seasons, which ultimately contributed to Okina’s defeat. As it was Eternity’s door that led to this result, Okina speculates that Eternity may actually be a Tokoyo god, one of Okina’s enemies, and wonders if it was a coincidence.

    So in Cirno’s scenario Larva indirectly whooped Okina’s ass and they were enemies even before going to Gensokyo. That actually leads to conclusion that Larva was a youkai before going to Gensokyo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, I don’t think the butterfly in the PV references to Eternity – it’s simply a picture that describes Okina’s general doing in HSiFS pretty well: she made something small and common (like a larva) into something beautiful and splendid (like a butterfly). So it’s a metaphora I’d say – It’s probably just a coincidence that Eternity is a butterfly too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can’t believe that i googled all this stuff, but i can prove that you are wrong.
        Here you go:
        is the scientific article whose authors were trying to understand what species Tokoyo no Kami belonged to (Larva is an embodiment of Tokoyo no Kami). From this article we understand that it belonged to Papilio xuthus (see table 1).
        At fig2 we can see a butterfly that doesnt look like Larva or the butterfly from the PV, but let’s go to wikipedia:
        From here we can get video “Video of Papilio xuthus in Tokyo, Japan”, here is the link:
        [video src="" /]
        and it is 100% the same butterfly as in the PV (it is handy to compare PV’s 2:13 with webm’s 0:38+, because colors are bad in 0:00-0:37 in webm).
        So no, that is Larva.

        This whole route can be a little shorter if you start frow here:
        >> She is modeled after an Asian swallowtail, having a pair of very large black and yellow wings…
        which actually directly leads you to wiki.

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      2. I see.
        In that case, the PV might play before the events of HSiFS (or rather isn’t connected to it at all). Since Tokoyonogami and Okina are enemies, that would explain why they seem to oppose each other in the PV. This would mean the lyrics don’t have much to do with Eternity or their relationship per se, although all that talk about “metamorphosis” would lead to that assumption. I think what happens in the PV and the lyrics don’t have a strong connection.

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