鶲、眩う。 (A Flycatcher Feels Dizzy.) || 森羅万象

hitaki, mau.
A Flycatcher Feels Dizzy.

original: 色無き風は妖怪の山に [The Colorless Wind on Youkai Mountain]
from: 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons

arrangement: kaztora/ACTRock
lyrics: ticat
vocals: cheluce
album: Season 4 you
circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)

I don’t think I ever translated a Shinra-Bansho song, although I enjoy most of them. What led me to try my luck on this one? It’s cheluce! I was surprised at how different (in a positive way) she sounds from her appearances in Akatsuki’s albums. This song is very calm and melancholic, which I like a lot. I hope you can enjoy it as well!

耳に囁き 落ち葉舞う
滴の声 かき消し
mimi ni sasayaki ochiba mau
shizuku no koe kakikeshi
ano hi no koto o omoidasu

The fallen leaves whisper to me as they dance.
I brush away their dripping voices
As I recall the events of that day.

ひらり踊った 姿を見て
鶲みたいだねって あなた微笑む
hirari odotta sugata o mite
hitaki mitai da ne tte anata hohoemu

I watched your nimbly dancing figure.
“I’m like a flycatcher!”, you laughed.

そっと そっと 時間はすぎて
話しかけてくる 木漏れ陽も
赤と 黄色 絨毯の上 ひとりきりで
sotto sotto jikan wa sugite
hanashi kakete kuru komorebi mo
aka to kiiro juutan no ue hitorikiri de

Time passed by slowly and calmly.
You spoke to me. The sunlight over the trees
Was all that was over the carpet of red and yellow.

白く染まる露地に 滲む視界 色が宿れば→
私にだって 鶲が舞う。
shiroku somaru roji ni nijimu shikai iro ga yadoreba→
watashi ni datte hitaki ga mau.

The outside is dyed in white and my vision grows blurry. If this color lingers→
A flycatcher will dance for me.

霞みゆく空 仰ぐ影
すすきは云う 消して、と
kasumi yuku sora aogu kage
susuki wa iu keshite, to
subete o wasurete yuke, to

Figures gaze upon the sky growing hazy.
The zebra grass speaks and erases them
Whilst beginning to forget everything.

代わっていった 景色にも
kawatte itta keshiki ni mo
kawatte ita sugata o
uke irerarezu

Even the alternated sceneries
Do not accept
The altered figures.

途切れ途切れ 聖域の外
過去を 求め 手を伸ばす日も
ゆらりゆらり 夕暮れに まだ あなたを視る
togire togire seiiki no soto
kako o motome te o nobasu hi mo
yurari yurari yuugure ni mada anata o miru

From time to time, I search for my past
And the days I reach out for outside of my refuge.
I still see you at the slowly swaying dusk.

立ち止まれなかった 秋を もう終わりを告げる
世界が 違う 鶲は眩う。
tachidomare nakatta aki o mou owari o tsugeru
sekai ga tagau hitaki wa mau.

We already call an end to the autumn we couldn’t stop.
Now that the world changes, the flycatcher feels dizzy.

止まって 返って 辿ってみた過去に
交わることのない 現実は突き刺さっていく
紅葉 銀杏 出会いも 散って
たったひとつだけだった 奇跡は
tomatte kaette tadotte mita kako ni
majiwaru koto no nai ima wa tsuki sasatte iku
momiji ichou deai mo chitte
tatta hitotsu dake datta kiseki wa

Unable to cross the past I tried to remain in,
Regain or follow, reality perforated me.
The maple, ginkgo and our encounter scatter.
This miracle was only once-in-a-lifetime.

ふわり ふわり 積もる白紙機
学び 募る 示す温もり
今度もしも会えるなら 夢見て
止め処無い思い 明日もまだ
fuwari fuwari tsumoru hakushiki
manabi tsunoru shimesu nukumori
kondo moshimo aeru nara yume mite
tomedonai omoi asu mo mada

My knowledge heaped up tenderly.
I study, I accumulate to prove this warmth.
If we were to meet again, I dream that
My ceaseless yearning will still be tomorrow.

もう一度だけでも 色が舞わってた世界の中で
ありがとうと ただ ただ ただ 声だけ 伝えて
mou ichido dake demo iro ga mawatteta sekai no naka de
arigatou to tada tada tada koe dake tsutaete

All I want to tell you is “thank you” for the last time
In this world where the colors danced around.

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