Unbalanced blue || 紫陽花涙

Unbalanced blue

composition: 金閉開羅巧夢/池木紗々 [Kotohira Takumu/Ikeki Sasa]
arrangement: 金閉開羅巧夢/池木紗々/中村かしこ [Kotohira Takumu/Ikeki Sasa/Nakamura Kashiko]
lyrics: 金閉開羅巧夢 [Kotohira Takumu]
vocals: 紫咲ほたる [Murasaki Hotaru]
album: 彩 [Irodori]
circle: 紫陽花涙 [Ajisai Namida]

The vocalist Murasaki Hotaru composes a “framed picture of illusionary tunes” with melodies and pictures. How fleeting yet lovely, the days supposed to be there.

I tried out a more lyrical approach while translating these lyrics to do their beautiful flow justice.
Upon hearing the XFD of this album by accident, I fell in love with the works of Murasaki Hotaru’s circle “Ajisai Namida” and immediately ordered the special set this CD comes with (you can buy it seperately as well of course). It appears to be fairly unknown as of now, but I hope I can help sharing their splendid music with a brighter audience.

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