Month: September 2018

ハートフルスマイル (Heartful Smile) || 暁Records

Heartful Smile

original: 少女さとり ~ 3rd Eye [Maiden Satori ~ 3rd Eye]
from: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: Stack
album: Money Money
circle: 暁Records



イン・ザ・ブラック (In The Black) || 豚乙女

In The Black

original: 深緑の狸森にて [In The Deep-Green Tanuki Forest]
from: 東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

arrangement: コンプ (Comp)
lyrics/vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
album: 大貧民 (Daihinmin)
circle: 豚乙女 (Butaotome)

Ranko’s comment as translated by Tiramisu Cowboy:

 Being an arrange of Fukamidori no Tanukimori nite, I wrote it with the MIB attribute that has been recently added to Mamizou. …but, the MIB (I never watched the movies) will erase my memories~ if I see aliens~; from there, I tried to connect it to the story of Cthulhu Mythos [TRPG], which I’m recently into. That has a lot of alien creatures named gods.
In Cthulhu, if you see those creatures, you lose SAN points (something like sanity) and you go crazy in a certain period of time if you lose a certain value.
“I saw alien things I should have not see, but now the Men In Black will come to erase my memories, wait those were the gods of Cthulhu Mythos, they can’t erase my memories~ Oh noes~” they say this as they completely fall into madness; that’s the song.


Black or White || Yonder Voice

Black or White

original: 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion [Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion]
from: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

arrangement: Zris
lyrics: ごっち (Gocchi)
vocals: 瑶山百霊 (Yaoshanbailing)
album: ヴァイス・シュヴァルツ (Weiß/Schwarz)
circle: Yonder Voice


A Clockwork Fantasia -時計仕掛けの幻想曲- (Song of a Clockwork Fantasia) || 暁Records

A Clockwork Fantasia -時計仕掛けの幻想曲-
tokeijikake no gensoukyoku
A Clockwork Fantasia -Song of a Clockwork Fantasia-

original: 赤より紅い夢/少女綺想曲 ~ Dream Battle/恋色マスタースパーク/ネクロファンタジア [A Dream More Scarlet Than Red/Maiden’s Capriccio ~ Dream Battle/Love-Colored Masterspark/Necrofantasia]
from: 東方紅魔郷~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil/東方永夜抄~Imperishable Night/東方妖々夢~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 東方スチームパンク (Disc 1)
circle: 暁Records

Who pulls the strings behind the scenes?


雫 (Droplets) || 豚乙女


original: ミストレイク/秘境のマーメイド [Mist Lake/Mermaid of the Uncharted Land]
from: 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character

arrangement/lyrics: パプリカ (Paprika)
vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
album: 少女煉獄 第四巻 (Shoujo Rengoku 4)
circle: 豚乙女 (Butaotome)

Thank you for Violet from Tiramisu Cowboy for her great work and for snapping a picture of the Wakasagihime picture in the booklet!


黎明 [Dawn] || 豚乙女


original: 法力の下の平等/感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind [Equality Under the Law of Dharma/Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind]
東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

arrangement: パプリカ (Paprika)
ランコ (Ranko)
大富豪 (Daifugou)
豚乙女 (Butaotome)

Byakuren is fascinated by humans, even though belittling them at the same time. She takes comfort in Buddhism.


Bon☆Dance || 暁Records


original: 紅楼~ Eastern Dream… [Scarlet Tower ~ Eastern Dream…]
from: 東方紅魔郷 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement/lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: C94 Omake CD
circle: 暁Records

Sing! Dance! Spin! The swirling mandala is a trace of the stars!
Long time no see, returner to the Pure Land. Let’s dance to light up the B-O-N until morning…

Alright! Those living and dead, Let’s Bon☆dance!!!


The O-Bon festival happens annually from August 13th to August 16th. The purpose of the festival is to commemorate one’s ancestors who are believed to return to this world to visit their relatives.
During the festival, lanterns are hung in front of houses and there is a lot of dancing (the traditional Bon-Odori).


愉快な墓場でごきげんよう [Adieu, to this Lively Graveyard] || 暁Records

yukai na hakaba de gokigenyou
Adieu, to this Lively Graveyard

original: リジッドパラダイス (Rigid Paradise)
from: 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 東方スチームパンク (Touhou Steampunk)
circle: 暁Records

The title is a wordplay with the phrase “Welcome, to X!”. Because, well, if someone is dead you greet them with ‘adieu’, right?

There are several other wordplays in the song:
三歩 (sampo) [three steps] is a pun of 散歩 (sampo) [to go for a walk].
楽死んで (tanoshinde) is a pun of tanoshii [to enjoy] and shinde [to die].

The lyrics are mostly written in simple Japanese using the Kansai dialect.
Since this song was written for the Touhou Steampunk Compilation, there are many words from that field used in the song.
The parts written in brackets weren’t given in the booklet.


Never Say Goodbye || 暁Records

Never Say Goodbye

original: 神々が恋した幻想郷 [The Gensokyo the Gods Loved]
from: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: Shout It Out Loud!!!
circle: 暁Records

What’s the border between daydreams and reality? Should I do it or should I not, should I go or should I not?
My brain chooses a vague dimension. I’m free to come and go and stay.

But I want to meet you again.
So I won’t say goodbye… Never Say Goodbye!


The parts in the brackets were added by-ear, so they might have errors.


Witchcraft Heptagram || 暁Records

Witchcraft Heptagram

original: ヴワル魔法図書館/ラクトガール ~ 少女密室 [Voile, the Library of Magic/Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room]
from: 東方紅魔郷 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: Shout It Out Loud!!!
circle: 暁Records

There’s no official comment about this song, but it seems that Patchouli found the sealed away, ancient story of a magician that summoned a dragon to bring destruction upon the land in one of her grimoires. It seems as if the written down words were so full of magic, that they practically pulled her consciousness into the book and it feels as if she had really been there.