Month: October 2018

Party Trick || 幽閉サテライト

Party Trick

original: Demystify Feast
from: 東方萃夢想 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

arrangement: C.L
lyrics: 奥山ナマリ (Okuyama Namari)
vocals: senya
album: 明鏡止水 (Meikyoushisui)
circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)



まっくらプレデター [Predator of Darkness] || 暁Records

まっくらプレデター ~ Predator of Darkness
makkura puredetaa
Predator of Darkness

original: 妖魔夜行 [Apparitions Stalk the Night]
from: 東方紅魔館 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: ブラブラブラ!
circle: 暁Records

The theme is “Apparitions Stalk the Night”! In order to create the feeling of you being chased down by a starving Rumia, the key is gradually becoming more exciting towards the end.😂 I hope you will be able to listen to the full size soon!

-Stack Bros.


ブラブラブラ! [Blah-Blah-Blah!] || 暁Records


original: 亡き王女の為のセプテット [Septette for the Dead Princess]
from: 東方紅魔館 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: ブラブラブラ!
circle: 暁Records

Are you ready for Halloween yet?? I can’t wait to carve out a pumpkin and dress up as a spooky ghost or something…👻

I also watched Monster Hotel last year and it’s a lovely and unique Halloween (or in general monster movie) everyone can enjoy. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out! I believe it’s still available on Netflix.

Thank you very much to Jordi for sharing the lyrics with me!

A halloweenish (b-class horror?) Septette arrangement!
Speaking of vampires: ~Blah-blah-blah~ (I’ve watched Monster Hotel)

During the death of night, the scarlet moon awakens.
Now then, tonight. I will get drunk on your blood…


The original song is “Septette for the Death Princess”! In order to create the beginning of the Monster Festival with lightning and screams, I cracked in a raw-bass attack like feeling in the first quarter. 🎃👻 I’m glad if you listen to it despite all that…😂

-Stack Bros.


Sweet Mercy || 暁Records

Sweet Mercy

original: 魔法少女達の百年祭 [The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls]
from: 東方紅魔郷 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement: ねこ☆まんじゅう
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: Money Money
circle: 暁Records


その物語の犠牲者は (The Victim of this Story is) || オレオレウサギ

sono monogatari no giseisha wa
The Victim of this Story is

music/lyrics: ぎゃぷいち (Gyapuichi)
vocal: 朱色 (Shuiro)
circle: オレオレウサギ (Oreore-Usagi)


Under the Water || 暁Records

Under the Water

original: キャプテン・ムラサ/感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind [Captain Murasa/Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind]
from: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 接近遭遇 N.U.E. ~Close Encounters of the N.U.E.~
circle: 暁Records


赤煉瓦の国 [Land of the Red Bricks] || Yonder Voice

akarenga no kuni
Land of the Red Bricks

original: 廃獄ララバイ [Lullaby of Deserted Hell]
from: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

arrangement: Zris
lyrics: Jell
vocals: 瑶山百霊 (Yaoshanbailing)
album: ヴァイス・シュヴァルツ (Weiß/Schwarz)
circle: Yonder Voice