貴方と繋ぐ想い [Emotions Connecting Us to You] || 森羅万象+幽閉サテライト&少女フラクタル

anata to tsunagu omoi
Emotions Connecting Us to You

original: Peaceful
from: 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story

arrangement: 魔王/神奈森ユウ (Maou/Kanamori Yuu)
lyrics: Marcia
vocals: Marcia/天宮みや (Amamiya Miya)/あよ (Ayo)/あやぽんず* (Ayaponzu)
album: 幻想コネクト/貴方と繋ぐ想い (Genso Connect/Anata to Tsunagu Omoi)
circle: 森羅万象+幽閉サテライト&少女フラクタル (Shinra Bansho + Yuuhei Satellite/Shoujo Fractal)

„A song to assist us all in fighting against the current incident!“
Reitaisai 17 and Comiket 98 have been suspended, and the circumstance that we cannot leave the house unless absolutely necessary goes on, but after thinking about if maybe there’s something we could do after all, we came up with this collaboration!
It will still take time until the corona situation goes back to normal, so in order to get back our peaceful everyday lives, let’s all join forces and do our best to overcome it!

You can download this song and its instrumental for free!

Amamiya Miya


moshimo hitorikiri dattara kitto utsumuite ita
haruka hanareta basho datte koe wa kanarazu todoku

If one day you find yourself alone, you would have hanged your head.
I’m sure some voices can reach even distant, separated places.

donna ni chiisa na chikara demo anata o mamoritai
ima dekiru koto asu o egaku kokoro
hora, kao o agete

No matter how little strength I have, I want to protect you.
Sketching out tomorrow with our hearts is what we can do now.
So hey, lift your head!

anata e no omoikoso ga sekai o tsunagu
te o totte tomoni ikiru
mirai o shinjite

The emotions I have for you connect the world.
Take my hand and live together with me.
Believe in the future.

moshimo hitorikiri dattara kitto akiramete ita
michi ni tachimukau tsuyosa o kureta nakama no senaka

If one day you find yourself alone, you would have given up.
The backs of your comrades gave you the strength to fight against the unknown.

祈りの声が聞こえたんだ 貴方を救いたい
inori no koe ga kikoetanda anata o sukuitai
sashinobeta te fureta nukumori mo
tsuyoku nigirishimete

I heard a voice of prayer – I want to save you.
The hand I touched when I reached out was warm,
So now I grasp it tightly.

itsu no hi ka kono deai ga kiseki nado waratte
ima koko ni aru inochi o
taisetsu ni shitai

One day, you had laughed how our encounter was a miracle.
All the life that exists now –
I want to hold it dear.

あたたかな鼓動鳴らし 今日の日を生きる
約束はカタチ変えず 「いつかまた会おう」
夜明けまであと少しさ 輝いた希望、
atataka na kodou narashi kyou no hi o ikiru
yakusoku wa katachi kaezu “itsuka mata aou”
yoake made ato sukoshi sa kagayaita kibou,
gensou e yume o kasaneyou

I hear a warm heartbeat, living in the present day.
Our promise is still the same: “Let’s meet again someday.”
It’s still some time until dawn. With glittering hope,
Let’s have dreams accumulate in that illusion.

anata e no omoikoso ga sekai o tsunagu
te o totte tomoni ikiru
mirai o shinjite

The emotions we have for you connect the world.
Take our hand and live together with us.
Believe in the future.

3 thoughts on “貴方と繋ぐ想い [Emotions Connecting Us to You] || 森羅万象+幽閉サテライト&少女フラクタル

  1. Hello, thanks for all your hard work on these translations!

    I read through it and it seems pretty good. I could probably give a lot of comments but it would take a while, and much of it would be subjective, so I will refrain for now. But I wanted to give just a few:

    1) もしも一人きりだったらきっと俯いていた

    You have this rendered as “it would be because…” but the grammar doesn’t seem to match this interpretation (nor does it seem to make sense to me). I think a better translation:

    “If you’re ever alone, you’d being hanging your head.”


    Same thing as “#1”, I don’t think there is any idea of “because”.

    3) いつの日かこの出会いが軌跡など笑って

    I think 軌跡 (track) should be 奇跡 (miracle). I see you’ve done that in the translation, though

    4) 祈りの声が聞こえたんだ 貴方を救いたい

    I don’t feel the “so” is appropriate here, but I guess it depends on your interpretation.

    5) Take our hand and live together with us.

    I think this should be “with me” like the first time you translated.

    Anyway, feel free to ignore me if you disagree (:


    1. 1) and 2) make lots of sense, you’re right! As for 3), 軌跡 is written in the lyrics in the video, so that should be correct. I used the wrong word in the translation though, so thanks for pointing that out x__x I used “us” in your point 5) because all the vocalists sing that part together! So I thought it might sound a bit more emotional like that : P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the reply. For #3, keep in mind that even natives make mistakes with kanji sometimes. I don’t think “our meeting was a track” makes sense, at least literally. However, at a very high level I guess it would mean “our meeting was part of a predefined track”. If it was me I would probably stay with “miracle”, but it’s a subjective call.

        For #5, that’s an creative reason to use “us”. While it’s cool to try and match up with the video, I personally would try to keep that line consistent, in other words use the same rendering in both places. If “us” is only mentioned once in the song it seems to stick out. But it’s up to you.


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