Re:BLOOD GATE || イノライ


original: U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?/メイドと血の懐中時計 [U.N. Owen Was Her?/The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood]
from: 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: cheluce
album: Re:BLOOD GATE
circle: イノライ (Inorai)


アイモ (Solair Echoes Ver.) || “My Love” (Solair Echoes Ver.)

Hello! I wanted to cover “Aimo” since a year now, so I asked Karasu if he would be willing to do an arrangement for it and Lian if she would like to sing it together with me. During her and my trip to Amsterdam last Thursday I thought of an opening dialogue as well. Enjoy our crappy voice acting and singing!

アイモ (Aimo)
My Love


This was supposed to last forever.


“I’m sorry…”
“Don’t worry. It’s fine.”
“But… I vowed to live besides you forever…”
“You know, the time we spent together feels like an eternity.”
“I don’t want to be left alone…”
“Didn’t I say it’s fine? I want to smile until you close your eyes.”
“I… Have only one wish.”
“Your song… I want to die while hearing it.”
“I understand. Well, shall I sing?”

わが 愛子

Come here
My beloved child
Until the end
I will be
By your side


We are inside of a warm ocean

おまえはやさし みどりの子

Sleep, Sleep
The larks dancing in the sky are like tears
Sleep, Sleep
You are a gentle child

わが 愛子

Come here
My beloved child
Until the end
I want to be
By your side


We are inside of a warm ocean


“Thank you. Let’s meet inside your dreams.”

(Lyrics) Piece of Clown (short) || AbsoЯute Zero

Transcribed by the sensational duo Violet and Mai (´∀`) (You don’t know what a pain in the ass this was)

LoLK is one of the most fun Touhou games (and the most difficult by far!) and also the most hilarious and stupid one…. and Clownpiece happens to be my favourite character out of it! I love her spellcards (and I hate them with a passion) and her theme, although her design is…. *sighs* Captain America! (Okay I did it) I tenderly call her Clownpiece of shit.

Piece of Clown
original: 星条旗のピエロ
source: 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
lyrics: Rute
vocals: Rute
guitar: 仁耶
album: Piece of Clown
circle: AbsoЯute Zero


(Lyrics) THE SHOW English VER || 暁Records

I’m really sorry that I can’t jump right into translating, since I’m in the middle of my exam month and I need all my time for studying. I’ll begin next week!


THE SHOW English Ver
original: 始原のビート~pristine beat
arrangement: ACTRock
lyrics: ACTRock
English adaption: Macia/Stack
vocals: Stack
album: 二人の結晶-INNOCENCE- -to the beginning 03-
circle: 暁Records


(Lyrics) DinDonDan || Mayumi Morinaga

Hey, it’s Maiko here! (。・ω・)ノ゙ I came back with a blog where I’ll talk about music and share some lyrics! Maybe I’ll also be translating again in the future!
I thought as first post I’d share with you the lyrics of Mayumi Morinaga’s 2nd album “DinDonDan”! I pre-ordered the physical copy (it still took it’s time to arrive) at the beginning of February, and it finally arrived last week! Three weeks waiting, but it was worth it!

The booklet also is super cute! It has 18 pages, including song information, short profile of moimoi and the artist who made the illustrations, as well as a two-page big illustration of moimoi and an autograph! (a pre-written one of course) Sadly, I don’t have a scanner, so I cannot show you properly ;__,

I really love moimoi’s voice, but her pronounciation sometimes is really… difficult. There also were some formating errors in the booklet, which I fixed when transcribing. I started the translation of two songs in here a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty positive about finishing them and posting them later (in a few days maybe). These will be two digits and 罪と罰. 7 of the songs in this album also have a PV or MV (of the short versions).

But now, lyrics!