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Upon hearing Stack has a twitter account now, I had to create a new one myself! (lol)

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Rapture || SOLAIR ECHOES Original



Karasu asked Lian and I to help him out with one track for his university application – Rapture! I was supposed to write German lyrics and sing it together with my girlfriend. We were really nervous because we had to be done asap and his future depended on it… but hey, we managed to do it in only two days and he got accepted!

Even though I’m an alto I managed to do all the high notes after some struggle so I’m really proud of this one! Sure, it sounds a bit forced, but all that counts is I did it, right? Hahaha!

Lian though, she managed all the low and high notes. This is truly amazing, since it is really, really high. The first part she did by herself after the break was so high my voice could not form this note. That’s why she had to sing that part by herself. lol

The lyrics is about a couple that has fought through every storm to find a place they can rest at, but get seperated. Now they are on the journey to rejoin, but were tricked into thinking the other one is dead. The guy kills himself upon receiving the message, but the girl finds him when he is close to dying. A tragic story.

We were thinking about a sequel though!

[Lyrics] FELICIDADE || 発熱巫女~ず

Happy New Year!
Comiket is over and there have been a lot great releases which I’m more than happy to translate and share! I will translate FELT’S Lost Days once I get booklet scans and a few of Akatsuki’s new songs as well. Maybe some other things I happen to like.
Anyways, when I listened to Felicidade I was surprised about the lyrics. For most of you it may sound as if the person is kind of yandere ’cause they want to keep their love ‘locked up in their world’ (among other things) but as a privy (ufufu) I can explain to you what’s up with this person: I have no proof but based on my personal experiences I would say the person talking here has a Borderline Personality Disorder.
1) “Gotta love you even though I know I’ll break you” => BPD persons are very jealous and anxious with outbursts of feelings (positive and negative) and their mood can change rapidly, based on the behaviour of their FP (favourite person). Reason for that is their great fear of being left alone. This is very, very stressful for said FP and they may break down for real.
2) “From my heart I hate you too much to love. But I love you too much to hate you.” => BPD persons are torn between deep, passionate love for their FP and equally deep hate. (“I hate you so much, just leave me alone. WAIT! I didn’t mean it… I love you, so please don’t leave me…”)
….I can go on but for that I would have to quote every line of the song and that would be too much, right? ;D

FELICIDADE [Happiness]
original: ピュアヒューリーズ~心の在処
arrangement: Tim Vegas
lyrics: Laura April
vocals: Chen-U
circle: 発熱巫女~ず