akuma no shoumei bakutaru kuroneko

[Translation] 悪魔の証明、漠たる黒猫 (Proof of the Devil, a Hazy Black Cat) || 暁Records

My lovely girlfriend and Stack herself helped me with the translation because this was a bit difficult! ♥

(1) 影絵めいた猫 ≪”Cat Like a Shadowgraph” = “Black Cat”!≫ That’s why I translated it as such 🐈
(2) 漠たる [bakutaru] Something indefinite/vague/subtle.
(3) Latency is the interval between a hidden event and the visible reaction to it.
(4) 誘感 [yuuwaku] The act of tempting someone who lost his way to do something bad.
(5) ないはずない “Do not expect not to be”: The possibility of X existing isn’t denied.

I suggest you all give “Faust” a try if you didn’t read it yet; it’s an awesome play written by Goethe, a German novelist. I had to read it in German class, but despite that I really enjoyed it. Mephisto may be into little boys but that aside he is an awesome motherfucker. I didn’t read the 2nd book because only the first one was required reading, but I know the summary of it, that’s why this song made sense to me lol

akuma no shoumei, bakutaru kuroneko
Proof of the Devil, a Hazy Black Cat

original: シュレディンガーの化猫
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: TOHO PARTY BOX 02
circle: 暁RecordsⅹMelonbooks Records