[Translation] Never End || C-CLAYS

I will love C-CLAYS forever ❤
Atoguru’s arrangements have always captured my heart. And just how does Mai manage to have such a strong, clear, emotional voice…?

Never End
original: 凍り付いた永遠の都
arrange: あとぐる
lyrics: 小峠 舞
vocals: 小峠 舞
album: Never End
circle: C-CLAYS

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[Translation] WARNING×WARNING×WARNING || 暁Records

UPDATE: Corrected the lyrics with the booklet.

original: 星条旗のピエロ / 遥か38万キロのボヤージュ
arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: Stack
album: WARNING×WARNING×WARNING -to the beginning 05-
circle: 暁Records

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