(Translation) 猥雑イデオロギー || 豚乙女

Wha~i, finally done with this translation! Confused Ideology captivated me from the start and I just loved it’s dark, sorrowful atmosphere. And finally I was in the mood to translate it. I’m not entirely sure, but this song seems to deal about one’s existence and the question why the hell that person even exists for. Isn’t depression a wonderful thing? (sarcasm off) (And sorry if some people are offended by the hard language at some parts, but I tried to captivate the speaker’s mood)

猥雑イデオロギー [Confused Ideology]
music/lyrics: コンプ
vocals: ランコ
album: ダウト
circle: 豚乙女



(Translation) 残り香 || 豚乙女

残り香 [Lingering Scent]
original: 蠢々秋月 ~ Mooned Insect
arrangement: コンプ
lyrics: コンプ
vocals: ランコ
Circle: 豚乙女
Publisher: ふぉれすとぴれお
Album: Sing Summer Song