Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films [Translation Only] || 暁Records

Comment from the translator:
This project took quite some time, but I can proudly say I am completely satisfied with how it turned out. I am yet unsure wether or not the original text will be added some time or published in a seperate post, but it somehow does not feel right.
There are several references in the text, which will be explained at the end of this post. Comments and explanations can be found there too.
I’d like to thank Violet, the creator of Tiramisu Cowboy, for transcribing the text and helping me spot all the references in it ❤ Please pay her a visit if you enjoy Butaotome and don’t forget to leave a small donation so she can keep up her awesome work!
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text: Silve/カフウ/luno.
writing supervision: luno. (東方ニコ童祭)
illustration: 原之 [Harano]
design: レク [reku]
circle: 暁Records


Firstly, I will explain the details of the records I decided to leave here.
While cleaning up out of boredom recently, I discovered a one-gou¹ big wicker clothes hamper. I opened it up out of curiosity and stored inside was a total of eight fairly antiquated reels of film.
Movie projectors were brought into Japan way after the incident that led to Gensokyo’s isolation happened. Kappa might use things that have been washed ashore for trading to amuse themselves, but the villagers view this handling as foolish and it seems many don’t even know about it, so it’s not unusual some things are labeled as “useless objects” and forced onto donated to the Hieda residence for administration purposes.
I was interested in the “contents” of these films so I immediately paused cleaning (※I was yelled at by the chambermaid later) and found myself bringing back home a movie projector I borrowed from Kourindou’s². The footmarks I left at that time were light. I triumphantly converted a room on my property into a small cinema and tried out beaming the films; and there I was, writing a record about the figures of acquainted youkai screened onto the wall.
For what purpose did this unknown person produce these? ――I still don’t have a single clue about that, but I suspect this could be a “Record of Gensokyo as Seen by the Outside World”.
It was necessary for me as an editor to preserve this chronicle in some way or another, but the contents would be fairly incorrect if I left them as they were and just added a supplement. I thought a new method would be easier to understand in that case.
Frankly speaking, my impressions are left with “Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films”, but it ultimately is something like an extra to the Gensokyo Chronicle. I still don’t know to what shape this will be merged, but the Tengu’s extra seems appropriate, although it would be fortunate if it could become an amusement as well.

-Hieda no Akyuu, the Ninth Are Maiden

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イーハトーヴのまぼろし (Illusion of Ihatov) || 暁Records

ihatov no maboroshi
Illusion of Ihatov

original: 遠野幻想物語
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: C90会場限定おまけCD
circle: 暁Records

Requested by Tekashi

1) Ihatov is a fictive place where Miyazawa Kenji’s (a Japanese author) stories and poems are set. It’s a very mysterious one. If you want to read up more info about it, take a look at this article!
2) The “untranslated” parts are written in the language of youkai, thus “we humans cannot understand it” (comment by Stack).
3) Mayohiga is a place full of cats. Its name would translate to “Stray House”. As I commented on “Destiny ~ Spring has come at last”: Blame Chen!

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original: 東方妖々夢~Ancient Temple / 広有射怪鳥事~Till When
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: C90会場限定おまけCD
circle: 暁Records

1) “Kirisutgomen” literally means “the privilege of a samurai to kill commoners for perceived affronts”. Thus I translated the line as “The circle of karma is under my control” since when you control the samsara, it simply means you kill people before it’s their time to die (=when you, the samurai, think they should die)
2) “Rakshasa” are man-eating demons in Hinduism and Buddhism.
3) “Shurakura” is a state in which ones heart is in complete rage and/or jealousy and the person goes crazy. “Uzumaku” can be translated to “jumble together (emotions etc.)” but I figured that it’s sufficient to keep it short like this.
4) “Mu ni kaeru” means something like “return to point zero”, so the state of a person before they were born. Since Youmu wants to return all transient realities to that point, I chose “ground zero”, which is the state the universe was in before it came into existence. This might be a bit too extreme, but since Youmu’s heart is completely eaten by rage, that’s probably really what she strives for.

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Bloody Devotion || 暁Records

Bloody Devotion

original: 月時計~ルナ・ダイアル / メイドと血の懐中時計
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: DOWN DOWN DOLL -to the beginning 07-
circle: 暁Records


Brought to you with the kind help of Releska!



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小さく弱きものたちへ (To the Small and Weak) || 暁Records

chiisaku yowaki mono-tachi e
To the Small and Weak

original: 不思議なお祓い棒/柳の下のデュラハン/魔力の雷雲
arrangement: ねこ☆まんじゅう
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: DOWN DOWN DOLL -to the beginning 07-
circle: 暁Records

This is like a continuation of “Freedom Paradise”.

This translation took me literally half a year because I couldn’t gather the motivation to work on it until now. Somehow I perceived the grammar as more complicated than it actually was when transcribing the lyrics – which has been a challenge itself due to the small font.

I won’t promise anything, but since I heard from several people they love “Bloody Devotion”, I will do my best to translate it as well.

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[Translation] Sadomasochism || 暁Records


original: パンデモニックプラネット/見た事も無い悪夢の世界
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: C90 Omake
circle: 暁Records

The goddes of hell is only smiling as she watches over the beauty, the grief and the madness of this hatred turning pure.
This is “Psycho Lily” out of Hecatia’s point of view. Sadomasochism!

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[Translation] サイコ・リリイ (Psycho Lily) || 暁Records

サイコ・リリイ (Psycho Lily)

original: 故郷の星が映る海 / ピュアヒューリーズ ~心の在処郷
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: DOWN DOWN DOLL -to the beginning 07-
circle: 暁Records

«Having lost her love, she became genuine hatred during the endless flow of time.
However, for how long will that hell fire continue burning, I wonder?
Will I be able to be myself when this hatred dies out?»

(1) The “wheeping image” might be of her son, so to make the lunarians feel regret for their actions.
(2) Her “reflection” might be her son again.
(3) “Psycho Lily” is most likely a pun of one of Junko’s spell cards, 「殺意の百合」 “Lilies of Murderous Intent”.

Shout out to @Violet for helping me transcribing the lyrics and giving me background information about Junko! It took me several (unproductive) weeks to finish the transcription because the booklet font is so tiny, I don’t have a scanner and especially the parts where Junko talks about her anger are really hard to understand T___T But! I finished it at last, even though my computer decided to randomly shut down during the last few lines when I didn’t safe my progress yet. 🙂

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[Translation] ナツイロのソラ (Summer-Colored Sky) || 暁Records


natsu-iro no sora
Summer-Colored Sky

original: 神々が恋した幻想郷
arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: cheluce
album: DOWN DOWN DOLL -to the beginning 07-
circle: 暁Records

Summer is over, but I like this song too much to wait for another year 🙂

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[Translation] The Haunted Castle || 暁Records

WARNING: This translation contains triggering content; e.g. cannibalism. Do not proceed if you are easily disturbed!!!

original:U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか? / 亡き王女の為のセプテット
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

This song is inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. It contains some references to other Tim Burton movies as well; for example “Corpse Bride”.

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[Translation] KUNG-FU MASTER No.9 || 暁Records


original: おてんば恋娘
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: DOWN DOWN DOLL -to the beginning 07-
circle: 暁Records

“I’m simply the strongest♥”

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