Cotton Candy || Kikuo

Cotton Candy

music/lyrics/programming: Kikuo
vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)

わたあめ わたあめ
頭のなか わたあめ
あまくて ふわふわ
頭のなか わたあめ
wataame wataame
atama no naka wataame
amakute fuwafuwa
atama no naka wataame

Cotton candy, cotton candy
In my head is cotton candy.
It’s so sweet and soft.
In my head is cotton candy.

いっぱい 詰め込まれて ぎゅ ぎゅ
頭のなか あまあま
いっぱい わたあめください
むかしみたいに むかしのぼくらに戻りたい
ippai tsumikomarete gyu gyu
atama no naka wataame
ippai wataame kudasai
mukashi mitai ni mukashi no bokura ni modoritai

Lots is stuffed in. Tight, tight.
In my head is cotton candy.
Please give me lots of cotton candy.
Just like back then. I want us to be like back then.

かなしい わたあめ
ずっと 頭が からっからっから
むかしに むかしに あの頃に戻っておねがい
atto iu ma ni naku naru
kanashii wataame
zutto atama ga karakkarakkara
mukashi ni mukashi ni ano koro ni modotte onegai

It disappeard in a twinkling.
What gloomy cotton candy.
My head remains empty, empty, empty.
To that time. To that time. Please let me return to that time.



わたあめ わたあめ
wataame wataame

Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy

(Translation) i LOVE YOU || ラヴリーP

Lovely-P is one of my favourite VOCALOID producers. His “VOiCE” still is ranked high in my list of favourite songs. Please check out his works!!
This song seems to be about childhood friends. The narrator was in love with the friend, but they parted and never saw each other again.

music: ラヴリーP
lyrics: ラヴリーP
vocals: 初音ミク
album: のびないホー!!

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(Translation) bloom || レフティモンスター

This song, as well as the others in this song collection, is about the first love.
Download ‘‘bloom” [here] (because I’m nice)

song: レフティモンスター
vocals: 初音ミク
source: MIKU-Pack 12 Song Collection ‘‘初恋”

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