[NEW] KilLove Fireproof! || 暁Records

Re-translation including the spoken parts in the middle of the song.

This is Mokou | This is Kaguya

KilLove Fireproof!

original: 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess/月まで届け、不死の煙/エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人/シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome [Flight oft he Bamboo Cutter/[Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke/ Extend Ash~ Person of Hourai/Cinderella Cage]
東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night

arrangement: Stack Bros.

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Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films [Translation Only] || 暁Records

Comment from the translator:
This project took quite some time, but I can proudly say I am completely satisfied with how it turned out. I am yet unsure wether or not the original text will be added some time or published in a seperate post, but it somehow does not feel right.
There are several references in the text, which will be explained at the end of this post. Comments and explanations can be found there too.
I’d like to thank Violet, the creator of Tiramisu Cowboy, for transcribing the text and helping me spot all the references in it ❤ Please pay her a visit if you enjoy Butaotome and don’t forget to leave a small donation so she can keep up her awesome work!
Akatsuki’s PVs can now be found on YouTube so please subscribe to their channel and show them your support!


text: Silve/カフウ/luno.
writing supervision: luno. (東方ニコ童祭)
illustration: 原之 [Harano]
design: レク [reku]
circle: 暁Records


Firstly, I will explain the details of the records I decided to leave here.
While cleaning up out of boredom recently, I discovered a one-gou¹ big wicker clothes hamper. I opened it up out of curiosity and stored inside was a total of eight fairly antiquated reels of film.
Movie projectors were brought into Japan way after the incident that led to Gensokyo’s isolation happened. Kappa might use things that have been washed ashore for trading to amuse themselves, but the villagers view this handling as foolish and it seems many don’t even know about it, so it’s not unusual some things are labeled as “useless objects” and forced onto donated to the Hieda residence for administration purposes.
I was interested in the “contents” of these films so I immediately paused cleaning (※I was yelled at by the chambermaid later) and found myself bringing back home a movie projector I borrowed from Kourindou’s². The footmarks I left at that time were light. I triumphantly converted a room on my property into a small cinema and tried out beaming the films; and there I was, writing a record about the figures of acquainted youkai screened onto the wall.
For what purpose did this unknown person produce these? ――I still don’t have a single clue about that, but I suspect this could be a “Record of Gensokyo as Seen by the Outside World”.
It was necessary for me as an editor to preserve this chronicle in some way or another, but the contents would be fairly incorrect if I left them as they were and just added a supplement. I thought a new method would be easier to understand in that case.
Frankly speaking, my impressions are left with “Akyuu’s Records on Enjoyable Films”, but it ultimately is something like an extra to the Gensokyo Chronicle. I still don’t know to what shape this will be merged, but the Tengu’s extra seems appropriate, although it would be fortunate if it could become an amusement as well.

-Hieda no Akyuu, the Ninth Are Maiden

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夜明けのウェアウルフ (Werewolf of Dawn) || 暁Records


yoake no werewolf
Werewolf of Dawn

original: 孤独なウェアウルフ / 満月の竹林
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

An ugly desire disclosed on a full moon night? The beast roars! The werewolf is running through the night, its throbbing body exposed to the dark, and with an uncontrollable urge it cuts through the bamboo thicket… up to your bed!!


This took me way too long. It’s my favourite track from the album, but I must admit it sounds oddly sexual. I can’t see it any other way than it being about a rampaging nudist Kagerou that hunts down people to… “eat them up”.

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EmotionaRythm || 暁Records



original: 始原のビート ~ Pristine Beat
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

You can play it, what is being rung. Their purpose was set free, but they were thrown away alongside the demise of your ambitions. But we’re not alone anymore. We shall unleash this pulsation with our own hands! Engrave it! Emotional Rythm!


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DANGO ON FIRE || 暁Records



original: 九月のパンプキン
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
cirlce: 暁Records

Come on… Praise DANGO! Worship them! Chew them!



I struggled a bit at the parts with the onomatopoeia because Stack used connections which don’t exist that way naturally and even looking them up on several Japanese wiktionaries didn’t give me any results, so these may not be 100%ly accurate. “Toppin parari no puu” seems to be a closing phrase for Japanese folklores and especially picturebooks, so there was no “official” English translation out there. That’s why I used this lame translation lol

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ライト・グラフィティ(Light Graffiti) || 暁Records



Light Graffiti

original: 蠢々秋月 ~ Mooned Insect
arrangement/lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

To the fireflies playing on moonlit nights: The helix you drew have the constellations’ radiance.
To the fireflies reflected on the waterside: The afterimage of your light melts into the ripples.
This was the first time I was granted to arrange something myself. It’s a light rock arrange! Yay!

It made me a bit happy to see “Stargazer” in the lyrics. I know she didn’t refer to me but it’s always fine to dream a bit, right?
I really like Stack’s arrangement because it’s so happy and playful – just like those small fireflies!

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雨の日に(On A Rainy Day) || 暁Records


ame no hi ni
On A Rainy Day

original: ティアオイエツォン(withered leaf)
arrangement: ねこ☆まんじゅう
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

Fall was ending and the north wind lead on winter.
When I met you in quite such an old season,
I decided that I want to live together with you.

Please, always, always
be by my side.


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