mountain of faith

ツナガルセツナ [Connected Moments] || イノライ


tsunagaru setsuna
Connected Moments

original: 風神少女 [Wind God Girl]
from: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: cheluce
album: ツナガルセツナ (Tsunagaru Setsuna)
circle: イノライ (Inorai)

I’ve known this circle would come to life since the C94 catalogue was going around and had the hunch it might be a team of ACTRock and cheluce (I was right lol). But I didn’t really know what else to expect! I’ve thought that cheluce’s voice would suit powerful rock-songs well, and my assumption seems to be right ❤
I hope you all enjoy Inorai as much as I do !

A song about Aya-chan carrying people’s memories on to the next generation with her camera.




コンニチハ? [Hello?] || 暁Records


original: 明日ハレの日,ケの昨日 [Today Will Be Sunny, Yesterday Was Not]
from: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 例大祭15おまけCD
circle: 暁Records

This song is very soothing and easy to listen to. I really like these kind of calm songs that have a country-vibe to them. They always make me think about summer.

Funnily enough, the song for the new Crest album I’ve written called “Morgen geht die Sonne auf” [Sun will rise again] is a German saying with the same message as the song wants to convey.