no way gravity

(Updated) No Way -Gravity- || 暁Records

No Way -Gravity-

original: 神さびた古戦場 ~ Suwa Foughten Field
arrangement/lyrics: ACTRock
vocals: Stack
album: No Way -Gravity-
circle: 暁Records

UPDATED June 16th 2017

I was disappointed by the single at first, but I started liking it after all o^^o

On another note, as concluded from Stack’s Twitter spoilers, their C91 album will include an arrangement by Stack! She described it to have a jazzy touch to it and resemble the film music of a certain British Spy’s films…



浮珠形ノ運命線 ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red (The Floating Orb Shapes’ Line of Faith ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red) || 暁Records

浮珠形ノ運命線 ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red

ukudamagata no unmeisen ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red
The Floating Orb Shapes’ Line of Faith ~ White Spirit, Ultra Red

original: 二色蓮花蝶~ Red and White
arrangement: ねこ☆まんじゅう
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: No Way -Gravity-
circle: 暁Records

The destiny decided is an Utopia of pre-established harmony. How long am I able to remain a “person” above having this fate? The story of the puryfing soul and the transcendence of the red miko.

Phew, this was a hard one!! I’m still not entirely sure about the accuracy of the translation TΔT There were many particles left out (and you know how bad I am at using and interpretating them!) and some grammar which I actually did learn, but due to missing words, I couldn’t quite grasp. So yeah… this took me a week longer than expected.
I do not have the CD yet, but I’ll hopefully have it soon! I can work on ROCK’N’ROLL☆FLYING REDHEAD then as well!

(1) Sakimori – “A soldier garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu in ancient times”
(2) Pre-established harmony – Leibniz solved the “mind-body-problem” with this term: if mind and body are two seperate entities, then why can they interact with each other so casually? He answers this question by claiming that both entities have been programmed by God to harmonize with each other; meaning, they are like two clocks synchronizing.