朧月 (Hazy Moon) || 舞音KAGURA

Hazy Moon

original: プレインエイジア
arrangement: あとぐる
lyrics/vocals: 小峠舞
album: 蛍火-HOTARUBI-
circle: 舞音KAGURA

C-CLAYS has always been one of my favorite circles and even though Mai Kotoge now has her own circle, I feel kind of happy about it (because that means a full Mai album plus a C-CLAYS album with other vocalists equals double exitement). I don’t know if Luna and Rumico will be the lead singers of C-CLAYS now or if the next album will bring other vocalists, but these two did an awesome job this event! I feel as if I’d like to translate everything.

I’d like to add to some discourse as well (wether or not to upload songs of certain circles to YouTube etc.) and 舞音KAGURA stated on their website in their FAQ that they are okay with uploads if asked for permission beforehand. I know most uploaders don’t care about what circles thing about this topic (although they really should), but please stop thinking that only because circles don’t block and report uploads they are fine with their music being accesible like this. It’s kind of ridiculous that uploaders get mad at circles for doing so. If you want to share something with other people, make sure it is okay to do so. Their music does not belong to you. And you cannot justify it by saying “it gives them exposure” – a no is a no.