お陀仏 (Ruining Oneself) || 豚乙女

Ruining Oneself

original: 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty Years [Eastern Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years]
from: 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View

arrangement: コンプ (Comp)
lyrics/vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
album: 獄 (Goku)
circle: 豚乙女 (Butaotome)

Ranko plays with some imagery that has to do with Eiki, but the song isn’t really about her.
There seems to be so much anger and hatred in this song. But it’s not a song blaming people in general, it’s also including oneself in the judgment. So in short: We’re all horrible people 🙂