その物語の犠牲者は (The Victim of this Story is) || オレオレウサギ

sono monogatari no giseisha wa
The Victim of this Story is

music/lyrics: ぎゃぷいち (Gyapuichi)
vocal: 朱色 (Shuiro)
circle: オレオレウサギ (Oreore-Usagi)



Ontology || 紫陽花涙


composition: 金閉開羅巧夢 [Kotohira Takumu]
arrangement: 金閉開羅巧夢/池木紗々 [Kotohira Takumu/Ikeki Sasa]
lyrics/vocals: 紫咲ほたる [Murasaki Hotaru]
album: 彩 [Irodori]
circle: 紫陽花涙 [Ajisai Namida]

„Ontology“ is the part of philosophy dealing with the question what ‘existence’ means.


Unbalanced blue || 紫陽花涙

Unbalanced blue

composition: 金閉開羅巧夢/池木紗々 [Kotohira Takumu/Ikeki Sasa]
arrangement: 金閉開羅巧夢/池木紗々/中村かしこ [Kotohira Takumu/Ikeki Sasa/Nakamura Kashiko]
lyrics: 金閉開羅巧夢 [Kotohira Takumu]
vocals: 紫咲ほたる [Murasaki Hotaru]
album: 彩 [Irodori]
circle: 紫陽花涙 [Ajisai Namida]

The vocalist Murasaki Hotaru composes a “framed picture of illusionary tunes” with melodies and pictures. How fleeting yet lovely, the days supposed to be there.

I tried out a more lyrical approach while translating these lyrics to do their beautiful flow justice.
Upon hearing the XFD of this album by accident, I fell in love with the works of Murasaki Hotaru’s circle “Ajisai Namida” and immediately ordered the special set this CD comes with (you can buy it seperately as well of course). It appears to be fairly unknown as of now, but I hope I can help sharing their splendid music with a brighter audience.


きみのみかた [Your Ally] || きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ



kimi no mikata
Your Ally

music/lyrics: 中田ヤスタカ (Yasutaka Nakata)
vocals: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
album: きみのみかた
artist: きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

ALBUM DOWNLOAD LINK [https://kyary.lnk.to/kiminomikata]

Some random facts:
-The MV was shot in one go, which means no cuts etc.
-The “Who is Kimi?” during the part of the song about the trending topic is kind of a play of words; “kimi” means “you”. It kind of ridicules the media for overly interpretating everything.
-The grey marked stanzas in this post were not given in the original lyrics in the description of the MV, since they are simply a repetition of the stanzas sung before.


ボクの色になる [Become My Color] || 幽閉サテライト

boku no iro ni naru
Become My Color

music: 神奈森ユウ (Kanamori Yuu)/HiZuMi
lyrics: かませ虎 (kamase-tora)
vocals: 兎明 (Toa)
album: 零れずの願いゴト [Wishes That Won’t Spill Out]
circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)

Sorry for the delay of this translation, but the current week was crazy! There were too many deadlines to hit and too much things to do…
Also, this blog recently had its third birthday! Time sure flies by past, huh? There won’t be anything fancy because of this occasion, but I’ll promise to improve more and more over the years, okay? (haha)

Coming to “boku no iro ni naru”, it’s my favorite track of Yuuhei’s new album and also a Yuuhei-original, although the whole album is great overall. I feel Yuuhei slowly turns back to their roots (I’m referring to スクリーミング・タイラント (Screaming Tyrant) which follows the same concept as スクリーミング・テンペスト (Screaming Tempest) and スクリーミング・インフェルノ (Screaming Inferno) as well as Iceon’s comeback) although there are so many new members now. I’m glad they finally found some great people now though, since they once said they’d be searching for them!
Toa is a really great vocalist and I adore her strong, deep voice. I’m glad she coveres so many old Yuuhei songs as well as delivering several splendid new ones!


ノクチルカの夜 (Night of the Noctiluca) || majiko

nokuchiruka no yoru
Night of the Noctiluca

music/lyrics/vocals: majiko
bass: 久保寺豊 (Kubodera Yutaka)
piano: 吉野慶太郎 (Yoshino Keitaro)
drums: 中畑大樹 (Nakahata Daiki)
album: CLOUD 7
artist: majiko

Somehow depressed people have their own sense of humour.
I use to listen to this song when walking home in the evening (the lyrics might be pretty dark, but it suits the atmosphere well.)

A noctiluca, as given in the oxford dictionaries, is defined as: “A roughly spherical marine dinoflagellate which is strongly phosphorescent, especially when disturbed.” [source]


おいしいたましい (Delicious Soul) || Kikuo

oishii tamashii
Delicious Soul

music/lyrics: きくお [kikuo]
vocals: 初音ミク [Hatsune Miku]
album: きくおミク5 [Kikuo Miku 5]

where to listen/buy: https://kikuo.bandcamp.com/album/kikuo-miku-5

If you enjoy this track, please make use of the opportunity to support the artist by purchasing the digital copy of the album. It’s fairly cheap regarding the length and the quality of the contents.


脳内浮遊、制御不能(Intracerebral Flowing, Out Of Control) || EastNewSound

nounai fuyuu, seigyo funou
Intracerebral Flowing, Out Of Control

music: Masayoshi Minoshima
lyrics/vocals: 花咲あんな
album: Altar Fragments
circle: EastNewSound

I finally completed it! After almost one year, I finally overcame my procrastinating and finished it. I love this song a lot so I hope you will like it as well.


初めましてを繋いで (Connecting Greetings) || 幽閉サテライト

“hajimemashite o tsunaide”
Connecting Greetings

original: ~博麗神社~
music/lyrics: 奥山ナマリ
vocals: senya
album: 森羅万象に触れて
circle: 幽閉サテライト

This is a Satellite original. The original melody “~Hakurei Shrine~” was composed and arranged by Okuyama Namari.