花とあめ [Flowers And Rain] || 幽閉サテライト

hana to ame
Flowers And Rain

original: 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea [Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea]
from: 東方紅魔館 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement: SeiuChi
lyrics: かませ虎 (kamase-tora)
vocals: Yuzurisa
album: EXsample17
circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)

Now that Yuzuki Risa left Yuuhei Satellite, I don’t think they’ll ever release this sample song on a future album. Which is a shame, because it’s really beautiful and so much unlike their usual style! I still hope I’m wrong though and you’ll be able to enjoy this song one day as well.


スクリーミング・タイラント [Screaming Tyrant] || 幽閉サテライト

Screaming Tyrant

original: 始原のビート ~ Pristine Beat [Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat]
from: 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character

arrangement: SeiuChi
lyrics: かませ虎 (kamase-tora)
vocals: senya
album: 零れずの願いゴト [Wishes That Won’t Spill Out]
circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)


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I’m kinda hyped to work on the other songs of the “Screaming”-series as well, so expect them soon! They don’t follow the same storyline though.