[Translation] Silent Running || 暁Records

“Silent Running”

original: 宇宙に浮かぶ幻想郷/トロヤ群の密林/衛星トリフネ
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

Fun Fact:
Stack loves old Sci-Fi films and series.

Fun Facts I totally did not ask my girlfriend to help me with:

-“Silent Running” is a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie from year 1972. In this movie, all plants on Earth have become instinct, but a few are preserved on a space ship to reforest the Earth someday. The space ship is also pictured as the “Noah’s Arc for plants”.
Shangri-La refers to the film “Lost Horizon” from 1937. A plane got kidnapped unknowing to the passengers and crashes in the Himalaja. The passengers are brought to the village “Shangri-La”, a perfect village.  But Lama, the chief of the village, tells them it is a mere illusion that keeps the inhabitants from leaving the village.
The Voyager is a space ship from Stark Trek Voyager. Its creator sent it far away from Earth, leaving the crew clueless of where they are and how to return.
-The quoted lines are the refrain of “Daisy Bell“, a song written by Harry Dacre in 1892.
HAL refers to the “HAL 9000” from the Space Odyssey series. It sings “Daisy Bell” when he couldn’t think straight anymore during his shut-down and he sings it to calm himself down. HAL is a parody of the IBM 704, the first computer that was able to sing/play audio.
The exploration of Jupiter refers to the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” as well.

Song Interpretation

The girl tries to run away from a certain memory or thought – that’s why she hides in her own Shangri-La (a dream) and sings “Daisy Bell”, which actually is kind of a lullaby, to calm herself down. She wants to explore a whole universe of new things, but her surpressed memory/thought keeps her from it.

Considering the involvement of a “discarded foetus”, the memory she is surpressing probably is the one of an unborn child she aborted. That may have happened against her volition (e.g. an accident, infertility) or because she had no recources to raise a child, but feels guilty about it.

She then realises that if she turns her life into a dream (Whoa, this totally reminds me of “it’s just a bad dream”!) this dream becomes her reality – and if her unborn child became a dream on the contrary, she has nothing to run away from anymore, which makes her new reality unecessary and dull.

In the end, she takes her own life and with that all she desired to do, ending up in the true Shangri-La together with her child.

The references to old sci-fi films and series helps to support the theory of the breach between fiction and reality. What was pure fiction 50 years ago now is our reality – for example singing computers like the IBM 704.

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