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SOLAIR ECHOES 1st Album “地獄から子守歌” up on August 13th!!

Solair Echoes 1st Album – “地獄から子守歌”
Release: 13th August (C90)

It will be a digital pay-what-you-want release on Bandcamp. We produced this album for fun, but we would be really happy if some of you donated some money even if it’s just 1€! We also would be very happy if you would share this info everywhere!

There will be eight vocal tracks and five instrumental tracks. Three songs are written in Japanese, the other five in English. The vocal tracks feature Emmy’s gentle and soft voice in addition to Lian’s strong but clear and emotional voice as well as some denpa elements and pure power by yours truly (H*M).

We wanted to created a bundle of variety – to create something everyone can enjoy! There is a mix of jazz, folk, traditional, rock, hardrock, metal, power metal, ballads, electro, ambient, orchestral… everyone will find a track they like!

Each song has their own protagonist, but their fates are all intervowen. Are you able to figure out why?

1. Echoes (Original: 感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind)
2. 寂寞地獄 [Deserted Hell] (Original: 廃獄ララバイ) – Vocals: Emmy/H*M; Lyrics: H*M
3. 祈り~君の側へ [Prayer~ To your side] (Original: 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea)– Vocals: H*M; Lyrics: H*M
4. 水の下の雷 [Lightnings Underwater] (Original: ネイティブフェイス)
5. 黒い部屋 [Black Room] (Original: 緑のサナトリウム)– Vocals: Lian; Lyrics: H*M
6. Sacrifice (Original: 妖魔夜行)– Lyrics: Karasu; Vocals: Lian
7. Turning Tables (Original: 星条旗のピエロ)– Vocals: H*M; Lyrics: Lian
8. Eschaton (Original: Complete Darkness) -Lyrics: Karasu; Vocals: Emmy
9. Above the Lanterns (Original: 天空のグリニッジ)
10. Abyss (Original: 魔法少女達の百年祭)– Lyrics: Karasu; Vocals: Emmy/Lian/H*M
11. Mist (Original: 最も澄みわたる空と海)- Lyrics: Karasu; Vocals: Emmy

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Rapture || SOLAIR ECHOES Original



Karasu asked Lian and I to help him out with one track for his university application – Rapture! I was supposed to write German lyrics and sing it together with my girlfriend. We were really nervous because we had to be done asap and his future depended on it… but hey, we managed to do it in only two days and he got accepted!

Even though I’m an alto I managed to do all the high notes after some struggle so I’m really proud of this one! Sure, it sounds a bit forced, but all that counts is I did it, right? Hahaha!

Lian though, she managed all the low and high notes. This is truly amazing, since it is really, really high. The first part she did by herself after the break was so high my voice could not form this note. That’s why she had to sing that part by herself. lol

The lyrics is about a couple that has fought through every storm to find a place they can rest at, but get seperated. Now they are on the journey to rejoin, but were tricked into thinking the other one is dead. The guy kills himself upon receiving the message, but the girl finds him when he is close to dying. A tragic story.

We were thinking about a sequel though!

アイモ (Solair Echoes Ver.) || “My Love” (Solair Echoes Ver.)

Hello! I wanted to cover “Aimo” since a year now, so I asked Karasu if he would be willing to do an arrangement for it and Lian if she would like to sing it together with me. During her and my trip to Amsterdam last Thursday I thought of an opening dialogue as well. Enjoy our crappy voice acting and singing!

アイモ (Aimo)
My Love


This was supposed to last forever.


“I’m sorry…”
“Don’t worry. It’s fine.”
“But… I vowed to live besides you forever…”
“You know, the time we spent together feels like an eternity.”
“I don’t want to be left alone…”
“Didn’t I say it’s fine? I want to smile until you close your eyes.”
“I… Have only one wish.”
“Your song… I want to die while hearing it.”
“I understand. Well, shall I sing?”

わが 愛子

Come here
My beloved child
Until the end
I will be
By your side


We are inside of a warm ocean

おまえはやさし みどりの子

Sleep, Sleep
The larks dancing in the sky are like tears
Sleep, Sleep
You are a gentle child

わが 愛子

Come here
My beloved child
Until the end
I want to be
By your side


We are inside of a warm ocean


“Thank you. Let’s meet inside your dreams.”