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コンニチハ? [Hello?] || 暁Records


original: 明日ハレの日,ケの昨日 [Today Will Be Sunny, Yesterday Was Not]
from: 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 例大祭15おまけCD
circle: 暁Records

This song is very soothing and easy to listen to. I really like these kind of calm songs that have a country-vibe to them. They always make me think about summer.

Funnily enough, the song for the new Crest album I’ve written called “Morgen geht die Sonne auf” [Sun will rise again] is a German saying with the same message as the song wants to convey.



Driven Raven || 暁Records

Driven Raven
original: 霊知の太陽信仰 〜 Nuclear Fusion [Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion]
from: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 暁RecordsC93おまけCD (Akatsuki Records C93 Omake CD)
circle: 暁Records

Roar, my final scorching warning! In order to wrap the human world into flames once more… the subterranean sun grows violent!
My black wings, carrying these divine flames – Burn! Driven Raven!


Monster Clown || 暁Records

Monster Clown
original: 遥か 38 万キロのヴォヤージュ/星条旗のピエロ [Faraway Voyage of 380,000 Kilometers/Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner]
from: 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: HELL YEAH!!
circle: 暁Records

Little Clown, you dance.
Little Clown, you laugh.
The swaying flames flicker.
Although there’s no one else here:

,Hey Tagger, I’m here!
Let’s play together, until you break…’

Please note that there might be errors in the romaji due to me currently being unable to listen to the full song.


Metamorphosis || 暁Records


original: 秘匿されたフォーシーズンズ/クレイジーバックダンサーズ [The Concealed Four Seasons/Crazy Backup Dancers]
from: 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

arrangement: Stack Bros.
vocals/lyrics: Stack
album: Metamorphosis
circle: 暁Records

1) “ハ子ヲトリ ケニヤサハナム” (hane odori keniyasahanamu)

Keniyasahanam” is a spell used during the “tengu frightening” ceremony at the Jogyo-do on Mt. Hiei where Matara-jin is enshrined. At the front door of the shrine, understandable sutras are read. But at the backdoor, the sutras read are complete nonsense.
During that ceremony, they also perform the “Hane Odori” at the backdoor. The literal translation would be Leap Dance, but it is much more than that – Satono and Mai dance it. (So you could say it’s a completely madness driven dance.)
As I mentioned previously, the ceremony serves the purpose to scare off tengu. Since they are said to steal wisdom, this is to protect the shrine.
Fun fact: “ハ子ヲトリ” can also be read as “hane o tori” [Plucking feathers]. Tengu are mightless without them!
2) “om namas (insert god here)” is the most popular Hindu Mantra. It basically means: “Adoration to (insert god here)”.
3) You probably know Okina Matara is based off of Matari-jin by now. There is not much information about this God (it’s close to impossible to find a good source on English), so he’s also referred to as “secret god”. Fitting for Okina!


OMEN || 暁Records


original: 感情の摩天楼 ~ Cosmic Mind/法界の火
arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: LIMITED SINGLES season1
circle: 暁Records

1) The city of Sodom was destroyed by God due to the sinful behaviour of its citizens. You can read the full story here.
2)Shakyamuni” is one title Siddhartha Gautama’s (“The historical Buddha”).
3)Vairocana” is a celestial Buddha and seems to be the embodiment of the Buddhist concept of “Sunyata” (Emptiness/Voidness).
4)Sutra” is the sanskrit word for string or thread and refers to canonical scriptures which are regarded as oral teachings of the Gautama Buddha in Buddhism.
5)Hommage to the Three Jewels” refers to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.