Holy light || C-CLAYS

Holy light

original: 人形裁判 〜 人の形弄びし少女 [Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played With People's Shapes]]
from: 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

arrangement: K2
lyrics: 天音未優 (Amane Myu)
vocals: るな (Luna) & Rumico
album: 伝晴 X-Say (tensei)
circle: C-CLAYS

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Imitation Soul || 暁Records

Imitation Soul

original: 人形裁判 ~人の形弄びし少女 [Doll Judgment ~ The Girl Who Played with People’s Shapes]
from: 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: Money Money
circle: 暁Records

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