翠碧DRAGON [Jade DRAGON] || 暁Records


original: 上海紅茶館 ~ Chinese Tea [Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea]
from: 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

翠碧(cuìbì) is Chinese, but as far as I could see, it’s not an existing word. The characters stand both for the color blue/green or jade though.



常夏のBA-BO-CH-KA [Butterfly of Everlasting Summer] || 暁Records

tokonatsu no
Butterfly of Everlasting Summer

original: 希望の星は青霄に昇る/真夏の妖精の夢 [A Star of Hope Rises in the Blue Sky/A Midsummer Fairy’s Dream]
from: 東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons

arrangement: DJ ENOCK
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 東方 Compilation CD-BOOK 萃星霜 弐
circle: 暁Records


天磐船ヨ天ヘ昇レ [Ame-no-Iwafune, Rise to the Sky] || 暁Records

ame-no-iwafune yo ten e nobore
Ame-no-Iwafune, Rise to the Sky

original: 大神神話伝/夢殿大祀廟 [Omiwa Legend/The Hall of Dreams’ Great Mausoleum]
from: 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

Once you awake, the world ought to have become a better place.
Once your transient death ends, I ought to be able to live together with you again.
Everything is as hitherto in the dark.
O h Am e-no-Iwaf une, cu t thro ugh th e sk ies onc e mo re.
H igh u p, to th e s ky.

1) The Ame-no-Iwafune is a flying ship from Japanese mythology that’s made out of rock. One of Futo’s spell cards features it. It is related to the real rock-ship, called Masuda-no-Iwafune. You can find an information card on the ship translated into English here.


HELL YEAH!! || 暁Records


original: 見た事もない悪夢の世界/パンデモニックプラネット [A Yet Unseen World of Nightmares/Pandemonic Planet]
from: 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records


弾丸RUNNER [Bullet RUNNER] || 暁Records


original: 狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon [Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon]
from: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night

arrangement: Stack Bros.
lyrics/vocals: Stack
circle: 暁Records

No one can stop the madness driven eyes concealing her determination anymore.
The path she pushes forward on with the moon on her back… is the rabbit’s trail no one took before!

Because I’m timid, because I’m a coward.
That’s surely why I can become stronger than anyone else.


メイドノココロハ アヤツリドール [The Maid’s Heart is a Marionette] || 森羅万象

メイドノココロハ アヤツリドール
meido no kokoro wa ayatsuridooru
The Maid's Heart is a Marionette

original: フラワリングナイト (Flowering Night)
from: 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View

arrangement: kaztora
lyrics: ACTRock (イノライ)
vocals: あよ (Ayo)
album: ネタミニティ (Netaminity)
circle: 森羅万象 (Shinrabansho)



STILL HERE || 暁Records

We are here because you thought us up.
And so, we have you in our minds now.

Although we can’t see you anymore.
Although we can’t hear you anymore.
All of us will be together forever.


If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve translated Akatsuki Record’s new song “STILL HERE” and helped with the English lyrics! Please turn on captions in order to see.

接近遭遇 N.U.E. ~Close Encounters of the N.U.E.~ || 暁Records

接近遭遇 N.U.E. ~ Close Encounters of the N.U.E. ~
sekkinsouguu N.U.E.
Close Encounters of the N.U.E.

original: 夜空のユーフォーロマンス/平安のエイリアン [UFO Romance in the Night/Heian Alien]
from: 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

arrangement/lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: 接近遭遇 N.U.E. ~ Close Encounters of the N.U.E. ~ / Under the Water
circle: 暁Records


The starry night || 暁Records

The starry sky

original: 孤独なウェアウルフ [Lonely Werewolf]
from: 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character

arrangement: ねこ☆まんじゅう (Neko☆Manjyuu)
lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: ちまみれダンシンパーリナイ ~きゅっとしてドカーン♥ (Chimamire Dancin’ Party ~ kyutto shite dokaan)
circle: 暁Records

A werewolf with bright red eyes lets out a high howl in the bamboo thicket on this blue night!
It’s fine for me to yearn a bit when the stars are swirled around like that, right?

Because tonight… the moon is so round full and sparkling!



Stay Away From Me || 暁Records

Stay Away From Me

original: 柳の下のデュラハン [Dullahan Under the Willows]
from: 東方輝針城 ~ Double Dealing Character

arrangement/lyrics/vocals: Stack
album: ちまみれダンシンパーリナイ ~きゅっとしてドカーン♥ (Chimamire Dancin’ Party ~ kyutto shite dokaan♥)
circle: 暁Records

Stack was in charge of the arrangement, but there was the idea: “It’s kinda pessimistic, but actually I want the Sekibanki castng shadows to be connected to the others!”, and the mix and thoughts planning around [the song]… were supposed to be my task😀”

-Stack Bros.