yomi no kaze

黄泉の風 [The Wind of Hades] || 豚乙女

yomi no kaze
The Wind of Hades

original: 石の赤子と水中の牛 [The Stone Baby and the Submerged Cow]
from: 東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

arrangement/lyrics: コンプ (Comp)
vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
album: 獄 (Goku)
circle: 豚乙女 (Butaotome)

Sorry, I was too busy playing Touhou CB :upside_down:
Anyways, I noticed that this album is far more polarized than most other recent Buta albums – the tracks are either extremely positive or extremely negative. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I found it interesting at least! I feel like this song would be perfect to listen to after Odabutsu, because it seems to try to get across the message “We all make mistakes that bring us grief! It doesn’t make you a bad person forever though!” But then again, looking at the songs like that would weaken the impact of Odabutsu’s message.
I’m curious to hear what kind of interpretations you have about the lyrics and the album in general so far!