yuuhei satellite

初めましてを繋いで (Connecting Greetings) || 幽閉サテライト

“hajimemashite o tsunaide”
Connecting Greetings

original: ~博麗神社~
music/lyrics: 奥山ナマリ
vocals: senya
album: 森羅万象に触れて
circle: 幽閉サテライト

This is a Satellite original. The original melody “~Hakurei Shrine~” was composed and arranged by Okuyama Namari.



[Translation] 夏季異変 (The Summer Incident) || 幽閉サテライト

natsuki ihen
“The Summer Incident”

composition/lyrics: かませ虎
arrangement: でいたらぼっち
vocals: senya
album: 造花であろうとした者
circle: 幽閉サテライト

I thought about translating this one not only because I love it, but also because it describes exactly what is happening right now: we’re in the middle of September, but we have over 30°C every day… It’s an incident!!!! Who is the culprit???
Anyways, this song also contains references to EoSD, PCB, SA and MoF!


(Request) 夕立、君と隠れ処 || 幽閉サテライト

Requested by Eiki~

夕立、君と隠れ処 [Evening Shower, A Hiding Spot with You]
original: 魔法少女達の百年祭
arrangement: Iceon
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: sound voltex ultimate tracks – 東方紅魔郷remix
circle: 幽閉サテライト


(Translation) 仮想の君の都 || 幽閉サテライト

I have a lot to say about this song. (Take a look at the bottom of the post~)

仮想の君の都 [The Capital of You in My Imagination]
original: 天空の花の都
arrangement: Autobahn
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: 魂の語りに導かれて
circle: 幽閉サテライト


(Translation) 浮世 || 幽閉サテライト

The new Satellite album is simply amazing. Finally, no songs about stupid unrequited love, but an interesting topic: life and death. You know, philosophy, psychology and languages are the main domains I’m interested in, so songs like that always make me jump with excitement. You can be pretty sure this album will get translated fast. (If I feel like it orz)

浮世 [Transient World] 
original: デザイアドライブ
arrangement: Autobahn
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: 魂の語りに導かれて 
circle: 幽閉サテライト


ima made no ayunda michi wa darekamo toutta to
nihiru ni jibun o kobaka ni shite ikite ita

The road I walked upon till now was travelled along by anyone and
nihilistically I lived while treating myself with contempt.


sou shinai to kakko ga tsukanai you na ki ga shite
biyoritta furi shite boukan shiteta

I had to do so, cause I felt the past can’t reach me this way.
So I pretended to stay put; a silent spectator.


onaji daichi o funde
chigau ikikata o suru
sunao o tsuranuku mono
sore o azawarau mono

Striding across the same ground
whilst spending life diversely;
those who cling onto honesty,
those who laugh at them.


kitai saretai mono to
tekido o motomeru mono
kirei ni naritai mono
sore o mite itai mono

Those who want to be trusted and
those who strive for modesty.
Those who want to be pretty,
those who want to look at them.


akogareta risou to genjitsu ni wa sa ga atte
koko ga mou kesumatsu nan daro? to ka kimekonde

There is a great variety in the ideals and realities I pursued.
So this is supposed to be my conclusion, then? I assumed.

立ち止まる 味わう
気付いた 景色は色を変えてく

tachidomaru ajiwau
demo sore ga raku de ii to
kizuita keshiki wa iro o kaeteku

Stopping and appreciating
is fine if you are at ease,
I noticed. This scenery’s colors change.


nani o kanjitai no ka
nani ni naritai no ka wa
souzouijou ni chigatta
shiranu furi ga bitoku ka

“What would I like to feel?” and
“What would I like to be?” are
mistaken to be more than we can imagine.
Is ignorance a virtue?


ichidokiri no ukiyo de
dou omowaretai no ka?
dou omotte itai no ka? to
jibun ni toikaketeru

And I ask myself:
How do I want to appear
and how do I want to actually be
in this unique transient world?


onaji daiji o funde
chigau ikikata o suru
sunao o enjiru mono
sore ni kansha suru mono

Striding across the same ground
whilst spending life diversely;
those who play meek,
those who are grateful for that.


jibun o takametai mono
jibun o yametai mono
kotae darake no sekai
anata wa ikaga deshou?

Those who brag about themselves,
those who want to quit being themselves.
Isn’t a world rich in answers
to your liking?

(Request) 雪解けリアリズム || 幽閉サテライト

Requested by Ammy.

雪解けリアリズム [Thawing Realism]
original: オリエンタルダークフライト
arrangement: Autobahn
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: 夜桜に君を隠して
circle: 幽閉サテライト


(Request) ニヒル神楽 || 幽閉サテライト

This translation was requested by Alice Margatroid.

ニヒル神楽 [Nihilistic Kagura]
original: 不思議の国のアリス
arrangement: HiZuMi
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: 夜桜に君を隠して
circle: 幽閉サテライト


(Translation) 無邪気さへの上書き || 幽閉サテライト

To celebrate my *gun shooting and police sirens to overwrite my age* birthday, here’s a song about growing up and learning what it means to accept responsibility. Boy, can I relate to this one. *sips beer and cries* Also, most of my good friends forgot my birthday. One even thought it was yesterday. She didn’t wish me a happy birthday yesterday either, though. *takes another sip of her beer*

無邪気さへの上書き [An Address to Innocence]
original: おてんば恋娘
arrangement: Iceon
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
album: 小悪魔りんご
circle: 幽閉サテライト


(Request) Θで突き刺して || 幽閉サテライト

Requested by Alice Margatroid.

Θで突き刺して [Pierce Me With Theta]
original: the Grimoire of Alice
arrangement: Autobahn
lyrics: かませ虎
vocals: senya
single: Θで突き刺して
circle: 幽閉サテライト