stardust || ZYTOKINE


original: Strawberry Crisis!!
arrangement/lyrics: 隣人 (Linjin)
vocals: cold kiss
album: THE OUTSIDE ANSWER to the Ultimate Question
circle: ZYTOKINE

requested by TheResonanceOfSouls CXIV



(Request) Creeping indication || CYTOKINE

Challenge me!

Requested by Eiki. Thanks to you I started listening to ZYTOKINE, and I don’t regret it. I may translate a few more songs by this circle…
The lyrics have very few particles, which made it hard for me to interpret the lines a certain way. There are various other ways to read (and translate) the lyrics, but I went with this interpretation.

Creeping indication
original: Bad Apple!!
arrangement: 隣人
lyrics: 隣人
vocals: aki
album: THE TOWER
circle: CYTOKINE